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to those who follow and support our music here on reverbnation, thank you for the love. We do this for the love of the game, nothing else. Rock on.

Same old routine...

we have to get behind our music by updating this blog when we can. ReverbNation isn't a free service, but we do appreciate the folks who follow us. We are (finally) just about to record new material, we have some great beats in our arsenal, and we are ready to get our next record put together.

Alleged Blacc has been contributing to our production too, so we have to pick our beats judiciously. It's make or break time for Mudhr, so thanks for not letting us break by being supporters of our songs.

The stats here say we go up and down on the "charts", so if that algorythym is truly legitimate our movements have been organic. Somebody is listening to our tracks. Thank you. We love real hip hop. That is what we represent.

You can always find us by just searching "mudhir" on the web. We normally are the first result. Because we are the shit.

Later Mudhirites


Reverb Charts are a FARCE

We don't mean any disrespect to our listeners. They are lucky to have us here. Anyways...

On the come up

We are rising from our stats again on Reverb, but never believe in that platform. We believe in the fans of our music. You guys have still supported us, and we do notice. You will get new music that will surpass anything we have done in the past. We are confident in that. F@ck social media and F@ck popularity. All we do is make dope music. You dont have to agree with that statement, but if you did you wouldn't be reading this blog.

Follow us:







Yes, I have been around that long.



We love all who have organically supported us in any capacity. Thank you up front. That has never been ReverbNation and their formula. Trust us when we say this. The whole website is a vacuum of lost energy. We don't pay for being pimped. Ever.


that is where to download all of our music for free. No strings. 4 self released FREE records, no funk for RVN. It's that simple.

We are gonna release new studio shit when we can. RVN is a small piece to a larger puzzle. Follow us on twitter.com/tbmrsb for some substance.


Thank you who did listen

We had a great surge in listens, likes, and follows on reverbnation.com/mudhir @tbmrsb @mrsagebrush for some organic reason. We broke th top 5000 in hip hop, worldwide. That is something. We don't pay Reverb for help, so it was organic.

Back in Effect

MUDHIR is back on it with new biz. "RUBBER BANG (FT. FREESTYLE PHIL) It took us a minute, but we are dope as ever. Freestyle Phil got with us for this joint, and it's all good in Mudhir Land. Never bet against THE GAMBLERS. As usual, Mr. SageBrush produced, and Alleged Blacc laid down the bolos.

We aren't even close to finished. Shit is getting real. Bay Area Hip Hop is alive, and forever Sucka Free.

Stay tuned for the new record. We stay true to this rap game. No captains, no bammer, no lame shit. We never left so how the fuck could we come back? Yeeeeeeee....


Offically official again GAMBLERS

Me and TownBoy are getting back in the groove. MUDHIR is undefeated for passion with the real hip hop in our hearts. It will be a minute until we put out some new shit, but it will happen...slappin'.

We are THE GAMBLERS. Shoulda never bet against the sure thing. That's a losers bet. Big things in our future. Fame is the wrong ain if your in this rap game. We about our name. Collabos, new high fidelity sounds, and better tracks every time. No exceptions. Stick with us, and if you reading this, you already have. We only fucc with the REAL.



Upping our Name

still rising up on the Global and Local RVN charts even though we have done nothing new in months. Right on.


Life after Death

So, while nothing is certain, it seems like MUDHIR is potentially back in the game. While it seemed like we were through musically, things change. I been kicking it with the homeboy TB a bit, and we still have love for the hip hop genre, culture, and lifestyle. We are artists, and you cannot take that out of any real musician.

It ain't for certain, but I'm feeling more and more like it is going to happen. Bottom line, no TB, no MUDHIR. He's the foundation of our music. Meanwhile, thanks to any and all who support us by listening to our tracks here and anywhere else. It is what keeps us visible in a watered down Generation Me shit storm. Props for supporting The Gamblers.

Safe bet that we will show our hand before we ever fold or go bust.