Spencer's Music Project / Blog


Hey guys, I really need your help to get my music out there... I'm not sure how it's gonna happen, or how to do it. All I know is that you all play a significant role, which I appreciate a whole lots!

I am working on learning Pro Tools and acquiring a setup that will allow me to produce music at my leisure. I chose this over taking the faster route and recording in a studio because I will be able to keep all the gear that I use for about the same price as renting studio time, and I will know how all of my stuff works so I can cater it to my sound and even maybe record others! Shaaa!

So stick in there with me, it will be a slow start, but I'm dedicated and determined to make this happen because I know that God has blessed me with talents not to store them away, but to use them and help bless others and point them to him.

I love you guys, ~ Spencer