ReverbNation opens my eyes

Indeed the title says it all. I found so many talented musicians right here in the site. They're both inspiring and amazing at what they do. I'm just blown away at how many talents are actually out there.

I was told by someone dear to me, "To be a great musician, surround yourself with great musicians."

Just like a language, yes you can learn how to speak a basic form of a language by going through a course in your community centre. But in order to really understand and know the language, you gotta surround yourself with Italian people, culture and even their food! Language isn't a way of communicating with words, it is a way of life, a culture that developed over hundreds or thousands of years.

Quoting from a good friend of mine, "Music is a universal language." Anyone and everyone listens to music. Listens to beats, rhythms and even sound. Music is just a space with well-organized sound.

I think I'm heading in the right direction by surfing the web for music. It's "being with other great musicians."

Passion and talents through the speakers.