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NickTravae the Abstract Mess

what makes an artist an artist?? freedom of thought and expression and doing what one feels is right at that time while making the vision come to life as they depict it. That is how i view things. I make many different types of music that i like. i dont really try to reach for a certain crowd. i just do me on an instrumental and either you fucks with it or you dont. my aim isnt to please everybody but to reach out to those like me. so im ready for all criticism good and bad because at the end of the day its not what was said but how you take it. i make music for people like me. so if you listen to it i hope you SAY NO to drugs , having unprotected sex and making bad decsions that lead to good stories. bahahahaha take a trip through the thoughts of Nick Travae. "W s up for the "WEIRDO NATION! ! FLOOD THE FUCKIN BASEMENT !