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Remixed Songs

For us, recording and mixing is a learning process. As we improve, we'll go back and apply the new techniques and skills to the older material.

Mission Statement, Strain and Dumpster Lovin' have all benefitted from what was learned making Afterbirth and Shake 'n Bake.

Check 'em out. Now. Stop reading this and doooo it, Hoo-mahns!


Just uploaded a rough mix of our newest song, "Dumpster Lovin".

To answer the question before it's even asked....NO THAT ISN'T A GUITAR.

This song features the debut of Spider Rat's piccolo bass. He ran distortion on it and used a pick. War Weasel's bass had some funky effects too.

Enjoy. We'll put the final mix up when we feel like it.

Evoluton of Masterpiece or a Steaming Pile of Crap? YOU decide!!!

Spent the better part of today laying down tracks for a new single, "Dumpster Lovin'".

Song began as more of a happy upbeat poppy punk type of song. With the inclusion of Spider Rat's piccolo bass and an effects processor the song took on a life of its own and morphed into a monstrosity of HEAVINESS.

We'll be mixing and arranging the song during the week,then vocal tracking and final mix and master for you all to consume.

Prepare for face meltage, hoo-mahns!!


Just uploaded a new, updated version of "Strain" with 4 and 6 string bass!

Mission Statement

Our first "actual" song is now up! (Derp and Strain were just Spider Rat goofin' around).

Gotta say listen to it through a GOOD system....double bass SLAMS!

Recording Soon!!!

We'll be recording some new tunes shortly. For now, we're using a programmable drum machine and laying down bass tracks and vocals separately. Keep your eyes peeled for new material soon!