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Hey folks, Sadly, here I am again writing about a fallen friend. It seems to be a sort of regular occurrence these days. This week I am performing at Rockwood Music Hall again in New York City and will be dedicating the show to Mark Reale. A very talented guitarist and songwriter whom I had the honor of working with on three studio albums with our Westworld project. I was a long time fan of his band Riot which he founded in 1975. Please come to the show and help us all celebrate Mark and all fallen musicians and those struggling. Love, TH

Dag Stokke

I can't believe I am writing these words. Sadly, this morning I have to say goodbye to Dag Stokke, my long time friend and keyboardist for TNT, who has left us today way too young. He fought a hard battle with dignity, courage and optimism. I will always see him in my mind, smiling at me from across the stage. A gentle giant, a huge spirit, truly an angel on this earth. I loved him very much as did so many that he touched in his brief time here. My thoughts are with his son Jonathan and his family and friends. Have a good journey my friend. I will miss you dearly.

Tony Harnell in Queen Symphonic

We're excited to announce that Tony Harnell has officially signed on to perform in a production called Queen Symphonic in Spain in November 2010. QS is a full show of Queen songs played with a 45 piece orchestra and a rock band. Tony will be one of three amazing singers performing lead vocals on Queen classics. More information to come as we get it.

Performance Schedule Nov 5 La Nucia Nov 6 La Nucia Nov 7 Zaragoza Nov 9 Valencia Nov 10 Murcia Nov 11 Granada Nov 13 San Sebastian Nov 14 Gijon Nov 16 A Coruna Nov 19 Figueres Nov 20 Pamplona Nov 21 Bilbao


Since yesterday I have been thinking about how much this man impacted my life and the decision I eventually made to become a singer a few years after hearing him for the first time. Rainbow Rising was given to me by a high school friend when I was about 15 years old. I played it every day till I wore out the 8 track cassette tape. This album was one of two that were my introduction to hard rock and metal. For hard rocker fans this is our first mega loss I would say. Ronnie was such an inspiration to so many singers in our genre I can't imagine what "metal" singers would sound like without him. On top of all this he was a really nice man that cared deeply about his fans and his friends. As I listened to Stargazer yesterday I felt the sheer power of Ronnie's energy. He is still with us, if not in body, for sure in spirit and he and his voice and music will carry on. "There's no sun in the shadow of the wizard See how he glides Why he's lighter than air" Love Live Dio!

New Project

Please check this out and join in the fun. Watch the video and have a look around to see what it's all about. Love, TH http://songwriter.artistshare.com/tonyharnell

My Mom

Hi Friends, I just wanted to let all of my supporters, fans and friends know that my beautiful mother departed from her body on Friday morning. She left peacefully and was brave and dignified to the very end. Normally this would be a private matter, but I was forced to disclose this information last year when I had to cancel a festival appearance. The outpouring of well wishes was greatly appreciated! She was an extremely talented opera singer and television host and producer. She raised Appaloosa horses and loved animals as much as she loved people and lived life to it's fullest. She was far too young and I will miss her every day, but now she is free of a body which was not working any longer. Thanks to all my friends, fans and business partners for your love, support and patience through this difficult time. Love, Tony

More on my mom...

To everyone who has written or will still write regarding the passing of my mother I want to thank you. Your love is felt, needed and deeply appreciated. I am truly heartbroken and your thoughts are very uplifting. As for the Headline "...Loses battle with Cancer" F*ck Cancer. It's so CNN to write that. It's so cliché and no disrespect to anyone else who has gone through this but Cancer did not win, the people who fight it win regardless of the outcome. And the fact that she outlived the "Doctors" predictions by a long shot is proof that in her own way she won. By fighting it with all she had and not giving up she won and will have that dignity to take with her into the next realm whatever that may be. She didn't lose a battle. She helped so many people along the way including me. She was an inspiration while she was healthy and while she was ill. We talked for hours and sang and laughed. Yes, she left way too soon, but in my eyes and heart she won. She is my angel and I know she will always be there for me. I know this is what the press writes but it bugs me and I had to express that. We have lived a very unconventional life both together in my younger years and of course later separately. Much of what we both experienced was unusual, adventurous, eccentric, comedic, tragic and illuminating. I hope to write and publish a book sometime in the future that will chronicle the unorthodox craziness which has been my life and much of it will of course include my mother's journals. Her journals alone will probably make for good reading! And though this is 100% about my mother I just need to say contrary to the Blabbermouth press release that I am NOT the "current singer in Starbreaker". There is no Starbreaker outside of the studio. I am now a solo artist. Starbreaker is a cool little project, but not my focus at all career wise, it was a filler project at best and a pretty good one at that. My heart and soul is in going forward with new music without compromise. That's what my mother wanted me to do. That's all I wanted to say about that. And finally, my mother’s name was Constance Haldaman not "Mrs. Harnell". She was born in Enid Oklahoma and moved to California in her early teens. She is survived by myself, my aunt (her sister), and my Grandparents. I realized after my initial post got picked up by Blabbermouth etc that I needed to fill in the gaps and correcta few things and say them the way I wanted them to be said. Again, I would have preferred to keep all this private but when you have to cancel shows this business forces you sometimes to reveal things that should otherwise remain private mostly to protect the promoters interests. That being the case I needed to say all I could about this remarkable woman at this time. I will continue to do so as time goes by. My thoughts go out to all of you who have lost people close to you, I got your mesages and it means a lot. Love to all of you and thank you again for your love. Tony

Costantinos Mouzourakis
Costantinos Mouzourakis  (over 4 years ago)

After Reading I can understand our LIFES Connection more clear on this Very cold and early morning at the Lakehouse Studio...Tony I also lost my Mother. (Stroke)...back in 05, March 5th. Your mother and I share Simular names, was not aware of her passing...I miss my Mother Dearly also Brother !!! Your Friend, Vocal Comrad, and Life long Supporter...Peace Dude !!

BIg News COming Soon!!

LOve to Tease you guys, but there really is:) TH


Hey Folks, Tony has had a few spots open up for online lessons. They go fast when he makes these announcements so if you're interested jump on it. email thvocalcoach@yahoo.com. Whether you're a pro or a beginner it's a great opportunity. CHeers, Dovetone Music

Attention Discworld Fans!!

Dear friends, My lovely wife Amy Harnell is honored to have been given the responsibility of running the estate of her Uncle, the legendary Science Fiction and Fantasy artist Josh Kirby who many of you will know from his famous Discworld book covers. I thought I would post Amy's blog here to get the word out. Read on...

The Josh Kirby Art online store is now open!

We are proud to present our Commemorative Series: images that are beloved by many and that show the unique collaboration of two great visionary masters: Terry Pratchett and Josh Kirby.

Starting chronologically from the beginning of the Discworld adventure, The Colour of Magic, Light Fantastic and Equal Rites will be the first three collectors limited edition (of 150) giclee prints available from www.joshkirbyart.com.

The Master Printer, Greg Ortega and his team at Gamma One Conversions has preserved Josh’s vibrant use of colour with archival inks on 225 gram Somerset paper using state of the art printing techniques which allow the collector to view the work as if viewing the oil on canvas itself.

The images will be printed in their full form without copy, text and the restraints of a book cover layout and are numbered and authenticated by a Josh Kirby Estate Certificate of Authentication.

It is really wonderful to be able to uphold the wish of Josh and reproduce his work with integrity, so that all the vibrancy of the original can be seen and anyone can share a piece of the magic!

There have never been quality giclee Kirby prints before…this is truly a celebration of not only the 25th Anniversary of Discworld, but the artistry that made the world come to life.

Josh was my uncle...and dearly beloved by me and my family. The universe he created was my universe...I grew up surrounded by it...I remember spending hours in his house, getting lost in each painting. And he would always give me a sneak preview of what he was working on (usually a Discworld piece)...every time I saw one, I felt like I was viewing lost treasures of Atlantis!

It is such an honor that I have been blessed with the responsibility and opportunity to carry on Josh's legacy in the way he would have wanted. My mission is to continue to give Josh’s incredible body of work the worldwide recognition it so richly deserves.

Amy Harnell The Josh Kirby Estate http://www.joshkirbyart.com


Hello beautiful people,

Lots of activity I wanted to fill you in on:) -We're finally having a new official website designed which will breathe a breath of fresh air into my online presence. We hope to launch that within the next 30 days.

-My new ep Cinematic is now available at http://www.tonyharnell.com/ All copies will be signed by yours truly!

-Starbreaker is getting a U.S. release on November 18th through Blistering/Ryko distribution.

-Some interesting tour offers are coming through, we'll keep you informed on that.

-And the solo album recording is under way and we expect it to be in full swing this winter with a release early next year!

In addition to all this we'l have an announcement soon of a special new project I am working on for release also early next year through Frontiers Records. Stay tuned for that one!

That's all for now, Much love, Tony