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Great News

It seems pretty amazing to me that you can learn the truth on any subject by typing what you want to know into a search box, and receive an answer in less than a second. The answers to some questions … Continue reading →

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Good News

Let’s be honest- good news doesn’t sell, or does it? Or could it? Or would it? Or should it? The last thing I’m going to write about in this end of year wrap-up, is anything that even hints at bad … Continue reading →

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The Story of Virgin Lips

A few years back, I fell-in with some folks in the neighborhood who were jamming with their guitars and such, showing up at peoples houses and open-mikes in local coffee shops. This was a special period, as the music that … Continue reading →

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What About Nashville?

A month ago, I went on another motorcycle trip. This time the destination was Nashville, Tennessee. Riding on Interstate 40, averaging 500 miles a day, it took four days to get there. Thistrip was encouraged by my cousin, Anna Sullivan, … Continue reading →

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Standing on the Doorstep of Summer 2015

  There is a certain kind of uneasiness that comes to a low-desert dweller this time of year. You’re getting along fine when the high-temps are in the mid-nineties, but you know that soon unreasonable heat will come and make … Continue reading →

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Everything Has Changed

Its hard to believe there are this many activities left on my plate of life and still competing for my time. Time is the critical consideration, along with health of body and soul, which determines the output level of continuing … Continue reading →

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Introduction to Moving Through Time

At the beginning of summer last year, I started my first writing project with intent to publish. “Piano Heaven“, the title of a song I wrote a couple of years ago, became the title of my first book. After a … Continue reading →

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