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my dream they done came true!

everything I want is in front of me. thank you father for blessing me so greatly. i have a bright future that i am colliding with. bless me to receive it. malachi fyrestar

my vision is clear

now that left all the people who were just leaches in the past I can pursue the greatness thats met for me. Cleveland is the place to be now I no loger have to go to another city to blow I just have to stay in my lane and get out there. My mission is clear change the game 4eva will it never be the same.

sunny days

I have grown as a person, I appreciate the love that our father shows me each day,

the flame is lit!

passion is a drink best sipped cold with ice on a sunny day by the tree in the shade. even if it's heavy rain the umbrella my father gave won't give way the reason l'm living this day is to give praise.

be ready to smile!

think positive thing will work themselves out.

Celebrate everyday!

I don't celebrate holidays. I celebrate everyday.

So thankful for the sun shine

Many times in life we don't know the direction to take that will brings us happiness. We do many things to survive in this life that doesn't really bring us joy but we do them to survive. As I see the sun shine today, I realize that I have to do more living and a little less surviving.

times change

always be ready for change. anticipate it. it will come.


i HAVE the socail media world on #smash!

so blessed to be living my dreams

yesteday i recieved this message requesting me to have my music in movies and other media: You have been selected to be part of this exclusive, invite-only opportunity We have identified you as an Artist that we'd like to hear from. Only a select few Artists are receiving this initial invitation to audition their tracks.

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Thanks, RN Staff