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Make Money While U Here!

We just got started promoting a Wellness company. Its called Vemma! Its all about helping young people achieve their dreams and goals by doing what we already do, TALK TO PEOPLE! Its fun and exciting and is a vehicle to really live out your dreams! Its time to get on board and tell people about it or here it from someone else and then get on board. The sooner you get on the better! We are a team so you will have support every step of the way! lets get it! Climb with us!

Party in the Park

Party in the Park is Monday, March 18th from 10am - 6pm in the Oakley and Eva G. Farris Amphitheatre in the center of NKU's campus. There will be live music performances throughout the day from NKU students! Climb Time Entertainment (NKU's on-campus record label) will be performing. Also, there will be Vocal Jazz, Latin Jazz and Jazz Ensembles coming from the Fine Arts Department. TJC (a young, aspiring artist on campus) will be performing and many more to be announced soon! The main function of the event is to inspire dreamers to dream BIG dreams here at NKU, in the USA and around the world. President Geoff Mearns will be speaking to start things off at 11:45am, The DREAM will be announced at 12noon by A. I. Morgan aka I$e (President, Climb Time Entertainment) and The BIG IDEA proclaimed at 12:15pm by Jordan Parker (Vice President, Climb Time Entertainment). Those 3 speeches will be HUGE and not to be missed!! Overall, it is a day of Celebration and fun for NKU! Celebration because it is the Beginning of The DREAM Campaign (which will be announced at 12noon) and fun because there will be LIVE MUSIC and GIVEAWAYS all day the day we come back from Spring Break. It will be a showcase to NKU of what NKU really has inside of it! Furthermore, it is a push to help people PULL what they really have inside of them out. YOU NEED TO BE THERE!! The entire campus needs to be present FOR THE PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS, THE DREAM AND THE BIG IDEA! Before and after, YOU NEED TO BE THERE TO SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW DREAMERS HERE AT NKU! But you definitely NEED TO BE THERE for the Presidential Address, The DREAM and The BIG IDEA! Come out and BE INSPIRED! Watch the Promo Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIoJXleSYGs!! #KeepClimbin!! A. I. Morgan bka I$e President, Climb Time Entertainment ReverbNation.com/ClimbTimeEnt morgana10@nku.edu ClimbTimeEntertainment@yahoo.com @ClimbTimeNKU on Twitter Climb Time Ent on Facebook

4 Lovers Only is HERE!!!

The much anticpicated Mixtape Album "4 Lovers Only" by I$e is officially up and ready for purchase! The mixtape takes you on a musical journey through love, from the ups to the downs and all around. With BANGERS like "Its Cuz Im In Luv" and "411" and also featuring the #1 HIT single "Wish U Well" as well as the SMASH HIT single "#BeatTheOdds!!" 4 Lovers Only has promise to be a Diamond status mixtape. Make sure to purchase your copy NOW! What time is it!!? Its Climb Time!!

The Climb Is So Serious!

It is so serious to #Climb! We in the studio, having meetings, CLIMBIN to make sure that we bring YOU the Best entertainment possible in 2013! #KeepClimbin!! with us!! SOOOOOOO MUCH MORE TO COME!!!! Stay tuned!! #KeepClimbin!!

What Time Is It?

It's #ClimbTime! No matter what time it is, its always #ClimbTime! Remember, Climb means to better yourself. So what time is it????? #KeepClimbin!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from Climb Time Ent! Download the #1 HIT single "Wish U Well" @ reverbnation.com/climbtimeent/song/15377953-wish-u-well!

Christmas Gift 4 U!

We at Climb Time Entertainment would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!! As a Christmas gift from us to u, we would like to you to have a FREE download of the #1 HIT single "Wish U Well" by I$e! Please take advantage now because, like the Christmas season, this offer will not be available long.

Thanks again for all the love.and support!!

Hard Work and Dedication!!!!!

We are in here working hard every day for YOU! We appreciate your support! Stay tuned to our #Climb! We are in the studio every day making great music just for you! Thanks for the love! Now I KNOW that hard work pays off. We just started and already got a few fans in London, a few in Australia.. We #Climbin! And we gonna #KeepClimbin!! Its 2013! #YearOfTheClimb!! Get wit it I$e


Because of the support and getting Wish U Well played on the radio, Climb Time Ent is offering YOU a FREE DOWNLOAD of Wish U Well! It is only for a limited time SO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!

Wish U Well Played On Kiss 107 FM!!

Sources informed us that Wish U Well by I$e has been played on Kiss 107 FM Cincinnati!! We would like to thank all the supporters and fans for making this happen! We really appreciate you!!