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Four Become Three.....

It's with a heavy heart that we announce that Cliff has decided to part ways with Spare Me The Knife. There are no hard feelings and he had a great send off with an amazing gig at Aberdeen's Winter Village. It's been a great few years and we've had a good laugh and great times. Heres to Cliff 🍻, all the best mate! We will still continue onwards as a band, so if you are a guitarist, or know of someone who would be interested, please send us a message on here. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and we'll see you all again in the New Year. SMTK

New Tracks

We've uploaded three new tracks for you to enjoy! Finding The Edge Miles Away Something's Going Wrong In My Head!

Let us know what you think! :)

Rehearsing, Recording, Gigging

Aaah, Things are moving forward for SMTK just now, between rehearsing for the upcoming gigs in Montrose, Edinburgh and Stonehaven respectively, we've also been recording three tracks and hopefully these will be ready to share with you all soon!


Hard Rock Calling: Global Battle Of The Bands 2013

Family, Friends and Followers, we need your help!! We've entered into the Hard Rock Cafe's Global Battle of The Bands and we need you to vote for us! At 10:00am today, head on over to: http://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafeedinburgh From there, you should be able to Download our track for free, this download will be counted as a vote! After you've downloaded the track, please click "Like" on the Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh page!!! We thank you for your support!

January 2013

It's the beginning of a new year and the band are about to get back into rehearsing for our upcoming gigs.

We hope to see you out there!