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The music for our new "9 Life Cat" cd is finished and came out great.

Zach Mauldin and Connor Siediel, of Sonic Ranch Studio did an amazing job capturing our sound and editing the tracks. 3 Time Grammy Winning Engineer Marco A. Ramirez did a fantastic job on the mixing and mastering.

We're more than happy with the results of the recording and mixing sessions, and the cd is now in the Artwork & Duplication Stage. We'll have it to you very soon.

In the mean time, the songs are already available for sale on our Reverbnation Page.

Please skip a drink and buy a song or two, or one of our cd's. Half the money from your purchase supports the great charity, the Fender Music Foundation, and it helps us keep making music.

Initial responses to the songs have been great. Click "Play All" at the top of our song list to enjoy the album. Your gonna like it. It rocks really hard!

Thanks for the support, Alexx


Hey friends, thanks for checking out my page here! We have a lot going on behind the scenes. We're working on material for the next cd, and have all the songs written. I just posted a new video on our Reverbnation Page. It's a recent full concert video, 56 minutes of original Alexx music, including the entire Escaping the Dungeon cd and about half of the songs that will be on our follow-up cd to be recorded very soon. This is a good performance, so if you want to see what we're about, this is a great example. Please check it out on our Home Page here. Just click the play button. Thanks again for your interest. Enjoy! Alexx


Hey friends, thanks for checking out my Reverbnation Page! We do have quite a bit going on, and most of you guys are missing most of it. We also, of course, have our Facebook Artist Page. This is where I post updates daily, mainly because it's convenient, easy, and has a pretty large audience. That address is www.facebook.com/alexxofficialmusic. Please check it out, and give it a like while you're there! We also have an Official Website. That's the site that really contains the meat of the whole Alexx thing. We have unlimited space there, so I can post longer, more detailed updates. If you scroll back, you can read basically my whole musical history, with special emphasis on the recording of my first solo cd, and going forwards from there. That site's address is www.alexxofficialmusic.com. We also have a Youtube Channel with a bunch of live concert videos of myself, and also a bunch of major national acts in concert. It has some recent Alexx Live video indcuding a good full Live in Concert performance. It's 56 minutes long, a full concert set. That address is www.youtube.com/alexxdmusic. If you subscribe to the page, you'll get notification when I post new videos. I also have a personal Facebook Page. I do post slightly more controversial stuff there though (warning,) and that address is www.facebook.com/alexxdmusic Follow us on Twiter: www.twitter.com/Alexx_Official_ Thanks for your interest and frienship/fanship. We appreciate you! Have an awesome weekend my friends! Alexx


Well, our shows went very well this weekend, Thursday at Soho Coctail Lounge and Friday at 6-Strings. The turn-outs were great and everyone stayed til the end of our set. Thanks very much to everyone who showed up. We really appreciate that! Thanks also to the venues and to Jo Hobo Witness for inviting us! The 6-Strings show was twice the fun because I played with both of my bands, including my side-project, "Like a Hurricane," which is a Neil Young Tribute Band that we like to call "A Celebration of Neil Young's Electric Side." We play the best of Neil's harder rocking electric tunes, as the name implies. I love Neil Young as a songwriter, and my personal sound has been compared to Neil so many times over the years, that I couldn't even begin to count. So the music comes very natural to us, , and thus, people like the music and the sound. The bottom line is it is fun because I love Neil's songs. We are our own opening act for the Alexx shows which works really well. This project has Dave Richey on guitar, Richard Gerome on drums, and me on lead vocals and bass. I love to play bass too! We will be announcing more shows soon. Thank for checking out our Reverbnation page. You should always click "Play All" above the song list and listen to the cd while you're here unless you're watching the videos. (More videos coming very soon.) Thanks again for your support! PEACE! :)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUshMYyg0xY&feature=youtu.be Alexx and the band playing a censored version of Don't Do the Crime for a "family" show as SqueeTones Guitars recently.


Check out Dont Do the Crime by Alexx. Real life sh*t, thrown down hard and loud like a mother*ucker! Written by me when I was in the business. Recorded 5 miles from hell and the murder capitol of the world, Juarez Mexico. All instruments (except drums,) and all vocal tracks were performed by me personally, so you know it rocks like a mother*ucker! ;)


http://alexxofficialmusic.com/alexxs_music_blog CLICK THE ABOVE LINK TO CHECK OUT TODAY'S ENTRY IN ALEXX'S MUSIC BLOG. It is on my Official Website. You should find it interesting! ;)

Today's A Beautiful Day!

Well, yesterday wasn't so great. Bad news in the morning, electricity went out in The Dungeon, and on the whole block, forcing us to cancel reherasal, etc. The good thing......that was yesterday. Today's a better day! Sun is shining bright in El Paso, and the future still looks quite bright! We hadn't had time, but now we're finally getting out to book some more gigs. We should have some new dates, hopefully by next week. I'll keep you posted. The music is going great. I've written quite a few new songs, and we're starting to rehearse them with the band. My band is liking the new songs, so I think the public will too, because my bandmates have good ears, and taste in music. We will likely begin recording the follow-up CD to Escaping the Dungeon in the fall. The plan for the spring and summer is to play, play and play some more, as we continue to seek out a record deal with a good label. That's always a longshot, but we have some good things going for us, so we may just get lucky and hit. Really if we can just get one song to take off in a big way the rest will follow. Well that's about all for now, because I can't make long blog entries on this site. For all the scoop, go to my Alexx's Music Blog on my Official Website, www.alexxofficialmusic.com. There's about 7 months of blog entries dating back to the Escaping the Dungeon release last July. Thanks for your interest and support of my music. I sincerely appreciate it, and appreciate all of you! Alexx

My Music Blog is on our Official Website!

http://alexxofficialmusic.com/alexxs_music_blog/ This is the link to my Alexx's Music Blog. Just click the link and you're there! There's a lot to read there going back to the release of the Escaping the Dungeon CD last June. Hit it up. I will add another post later today, but there's already a lot to read! ;)

Alexx's Music Blog is now on our Official Website!

To read my Alexx's Music Blog, click this link: www.alexxofficialmusic and click on Alexx's Music Blog at the top of the page. I update it frequently, and if you scroll down, you can read the whole history, all the way back to the release of my Escaping the Dungeon CD. Click the link and check it out; there's a lot there!