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Dearest Friends and Family The winter has been cold, long, hard.It seems that every weekend is winter storm rainbows or winter storm coffee pot.I arose from my slumber this morning to find the song of the birds in the air ,in the trees and in my heart. It seems the weather is beginning to flourish into spring. I prepared my morning beverage and stepped out in the crisp air to gaze upon the wonderful mountains that surround my humble dwellings. To those with half empty glass these mountains are a prison keeping them away from the wonders of the world. To myself and my brothers we call a tribe those mountains are our inspiration. We like the mountain must gather all the rock inside of ourselves, push into the heavens and gaze upon the wonders.Freedom is in the mountains. Freedom is the birds.Freedom Is in the trees.Freedom is in the song. Freedom is in our hearts!!!Love yourself, Love your surroundings, love others and all will be made right in the world