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"Greenwich Village" Music Video


My name is Jared Conley a.k.a DJ Lost86, based out of Portland, Oregon. I am starting a Kickstarter project for my third music video called Greenwich Village.

I'm creating this Kickstarter to raise enough funds to help pay for the crew, the equipment and location needed to make the music video. This will be my third music video that I have produced, directed and starred in. We are looking to raise an minimum of $700.00, but our ultimate goal is to get to $1500.00; which would include the necessary, but not required footage of DJ Lost86 in New York City, New York. The extra funds would be equally separated to pay the crew who has helped out in the previous music videos, the location, equipment and potentially the flights/hotels to NYC with myself and the Director of Photography for two days.

I am planning to pull this off, no matter the costs because of supporters like yourself and the love from my family, friends and colleagues. I would love to gain the extra funds needed for this project to respectfully design a professional music video for everyone, but I understand how difficult it is obtain the funds. I like to keep a open mind about this Kickstarter project, and if I don't obtain the necessary funds, I will find other opportunities through social media websites to promote my project.


DJ Lost86 a.k.a DJ JC

1st blog for DJ Lost86 a.k.a DJ JC, stay tune for more blogs about DJ Lost86 music and news!