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Thanks to All!

I would like to proudly announce that All of the current projects here at The Knoxville Sound are #1 in the Local area! Minions of Grass is Local #1 for Bluegrass and Top ten in the Nation! The Knoxville Sound remains #1 in Folk. Bilbrey/Phillips Thru the Seasons is #1 in Holiday music. Bilbrey/Phillips for Kids is ranked #1 in Childrens.I am also proud to annouce that this morning Sutton Aquarius is #1 in Americana! As you may or may not know, Sutton has been doing the bulk of my lyrics. It is her tireless work that has brought TKS music to you the fans! Please go and select Play All on her Reverbnation page! She has a tremendous amount of exclusive content, that is simply World-Class. Thank you all for listening to our music and playing our videos. We continue to strive to produce new, exciting music with that unique Knoxville Sound!

Sermon from the Ridge

We have well established that Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession. I have a very strong opinion that Thief and Musician are 2nd and 3rd. We could belabor the argument about which of the three came first. IHMO it was musician, but don't get me started. In the past year I have had my music pirated by off shore scammers, ripped off directly by clients and rolled by a villainous venue. Over the past few years I have had "artists" steal my music and labor, and purport it to be their own. To Those: Please.... Nothing is "Free" Pay your bills or Karma is a bitch of a debt collector. Those songs you say are yours? LOL You were never "that good" without my labor. PERIOD. There are some among these pirates and carpetbaggers, who are diligently trying for "success" in the industry. To truly be a winner at the Musician Game, you must NOT use methods from the other 2 oldest professions. Doing so just makes you a Thief and a Whore. A good thief never lacks for work in this Fool's world. A whore ages, may continue to work for a while, but nobody hires a old whore. A good musician grows and flourishes forever. So if you have to "trade favors" or steal to advance your music, you are actually incurring a miserable debt....

Changed Catergory!!!

After a very long run at the top of the Local, National and Global Bluegrass Charts here on ReverbNation, The Knoxville Sound has moved over to Folk Charts. We feel this more aptly fits our new, very diverse musical content. We pledge to remain Authentic, Acoustic, Regional and Real. But we are more rocking, countrified,singer/songwriter, and bluer than ever. Across 6 ReverbNation Sites we have over 100 songs in catalog and top 10 chart ratings for EACH SITE!!! This morning The Knoxville Sound had 2,999 views from all over the globe. Thanks for all your support! This is impossible without you, the FAN! You RAHK!


A giant thank you to all who participated in the free Sunshine download! We will have more free stuff soon! You all rock!

Oh Heck Yeah. On a Roll

Thanks to you real fans I am #1 in the toughest market for bluegrass I can think of! Not only that, you have me in the national charts at #21. Global Rank? #22!!! I can't do this without you, my FANS!! There is a reason Kent Bilbrey Productions LLC is ranked so highly. YOU!!! MY FANS have propelled me to places I have only dreamed of. We dominate the bluegrass category with 4 album choices!!! Kent Bilbrey Productions IS Kent Bilbrey Productions, Sutton Aquarius, Bilbrey/Phillips for Cow Pokes AND The Minions of Grass. Additionally, Bilbrey/Phillips for Kids is Local #1 as well. We CANNOT do this without you! Please listen (and buy downloads please) to all of our music! I promise a smile or double your money back....


Thanks to all our fans! You have kept me in the Global Top 40 Charts for days! You are amazing! Thanks for listening

It's been a wild ride!

Hey out there to all of our friends! It has been a while since we blogged, so we figured, hey - why not now??? We hope all of you are enjoying an amazing summer. We want to thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to listen to the music of Kent Bilbrey Productions, LLC. We've done some growing and are not slowing down. We've added new music and the studio is rockin'! Please check out our exclusive sneak peak song 'You Are In My Heart/Vous Etes Dans Mon Couer. It is unlike anything we've done so far! We've got the web site up and running. You can visit it at http://www.TheKnoxvilleSound.com There you can learn about our latest news, our studio and more! Let us know what you think of the new stuff, the old stuff, or just listen for a bit. We are certain your time will be well spent. Thanks for being the greatest fans and friends in the universe!!!!


Thanks to everyone who downloaded Little Things for Mother's Day!

Free Download!

Are you looking for something sweet and romantic to tell the lovely lady in your life how much you love her and Happy Mother's Day? You can grab Little Things for free now until Mother's Day! It's completely free to download. All we ask is that you join our mailing list. Thanks and enjoy!

Happy Easter!

Kent Bilbrey Productions, LLC. would like to wish you and those you hold dear a Happy Easter full of blessings. In case you do not celebrate, we would still like for you to know we wish you blessings and happiness. Thank you for all of your support