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100 DAYS Breaking Through!

How happy does it make me that my song, written with Steven Evanne Heinstein, 100 DAYS, was selected to be in the season's run of "Exes and Why's" on MTV!!??! It's my first TV and Film placement, feels amazing. Let this be the first of many! Thank you everyone and thank you Universe!

Lots of Shows Goin' On!

I've got a bunch of shows coming up here in Nashville and in North Carolina in August. I look forward to seeing you all and hope that you come out to celebrate with us! Thanks again for your support! BIG LOVE

Top Charts ranking in at #34!

Thank you!! Fans, Friends and Family, you are the light shining in! We made it to top ReverbNation Charts in Brooklyn, NY ranking in at #34. Yes yes and more yes! Let's keep on flyin'! LOVE

Featured Artist

Thank you to Zack and ReverbNation and to all my fans and friends and family for making it possible to hit the Featured Artist Charts on ReverbNation this week. SO grateful!

If you're in the NYC area this weekend, come out to the Waltz-Astoria in Queens where I will be the Featured Artist of the evening. Open Mic at 8pm I'll play a half hour set at 9pm

I'm digging the Featured Artist theme. I'll do my best to keep it goin'.

Lotta love.

Show: 7/12/13 @ Mystery Brewing Co., Hillsborough, NC

I'm happy to announce that I'll be opening for Radar's Clowns of Sedation at The Mystery Brewing Co. in Hillsborough, NC. tomorrow night! Dan Wales will be up on stage with me playing his mandolin. Doors open at 8pm, we go on at 8:15. Second show (great sound!) is on at 9:15pm. Come on out and enjoy!

North Carolina Bound

North Carolina Bound! I’m seeing this trip as a two week seed planting expedition. I’ll be rolling through Asheville, Raleigh, Durham, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Aberdeen and all the places in between playing music, meeting venues, seeing friends and expanding the geographical compass of my show calendar. After jamming with some mandolin, washboard and banjo players up in Cumberland, Maryland at Delfest a few months back, I couldn’t resist their invitation to check out the North Carolina music scene and landscape. I’ll be blogging away as I travel – make sure to get the latest and greatest right about HERE. Thanks everybody!

Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference 2013

Amanda Williams, Propietor of Songwriting and Music Business, is a renegade woman in the world of music and is making a huge impact with her work. I just returned to Brooklyn from Nashville where I attended The Songwriting and Music Business Conference and had a truly eye opening, ear opening, collaborative and unforgettable experience. The conference was jam packed, morning to night, with sessions focused on songwriting and the music business led by hit songwriters, music publishers, executive producers, film/tv producers, IT/web masters and fellow songwriting enthusiasts from around the world. In addition to the business side of things, I got to play my songs live alongside fellow musicians and in song evaluation sessions for leaders in the music industry. I attended workshops with expert panels talking about innovative ways to monetize our music. It was awesome. Amanda Williams and the Songwriting and Music Business team are all about empowering, and educating in the new millennium of music. I HIGHLY recommend checking these guys out. www.songwritingandmusicbusiness.com