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Kardashev / Blog

Alpha Kent

It sat on the edge of the examination table, eyes blinking slowly as it surveyed the room. Its pale skin acted as a canvas for the pale gold that was emitted from the PR lighting above, ebbing slowly in its synthetic tide. The room was silence, wonder, and uncertainty.

It had been awake for one hour, simply looking, listening feeling.

The doctor's lips sat slightly parted as she breathed slowly. Her eyes were wide, her mind a fierce yet calm current of questions. It had grown over night. What had been a single cell was now a pale, naked, gold-eyed life form.

The only thing she knew was that she was standing on the precipice of history, that her next words would define a moment that would be, in some way, extraordinary.


She had lost all eloquence.

Its face turned toward her, almost sliding across a nearly spherical head. The face was strangely human, yet entirely and terrifyingly foreign.


It's voice was soft and quiet, yet it spread slowly through each small inch of the room. Strange as it may have seemed, Dr. Bell felt almost like the silky volumes of It's voice were aware; that they touched her face gently.

It looked at her simply, calmly. Perhaps it was smiling.

With words that crackled with the electrified excitement of discovery Dr. Bell spoke -

"I'm name is Kathryn. You speak Engli....you understand me?"

Only a short pause existed between them, but in that space Kathryn felt the air become viscous, more fluid.

"I understand."

"How? How can you possibly know what....Did you....were you that sample?" The Doctor pointed at a small dish that had been placed inside one of the Med Lab's incubators the night before.

"That sample, yes" Its eyes moved slowly toward where the incubator sat.

Dr. Bell found a small hook of understanding through the murkiness of confusion. This being, this form, was only using words she had already spoken. It was not simply mimicking her. The phonology of English, the meanings of words, even the dynamic of a conversation; these were all being learned ash they spoke. The mere thought of such intelligence made her head swim. She produced a small med scanner from her pocket, and rolled the clear blue sphere in the palm of her hand.

"May I?"

It smiled warmly, and Kathryn assumed that meant she could proceed. Rolling the device into her fingers, she held her hand out from her body and dropped the scanner. It fell quickly, but after only a few inches slowed and rose back up like a walnut dropped in a lake.

For an instant, it hovered motionless in the air. Then, as it began to move toward the new being, white lights appeared on its surface while it emitted an array of soft, steady chirping.

It smiled again, gazing intently at the med scanner as it floated and flew around it. It reached a finger out, but with a swift jerking retreat the scanner let out a harsh buzz. Only when the pale hand was lowered was the scanning resumed.