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What's New With YOU??

03/02/2014 What's New With You?? Every time that I update this "blog", I have to apologize for how long it's been. I suppose our focus and our disciplines have been in other areas. There's been so many changes and so many things have happened that it's been difficult to nail down a direction. I think if there is one thing I want to share with you about Bartender 4 Mayor, it is that we've recently come to a spot where we're writing music collectively. Unfortunately our sessions have been absent of one member or another. Still, the excitement is there and I believe that our wheels are starting to turn a little faster. I've already begun to share with you the work. I hope that you'll stick around and watch this develop, and I promise I'll keep adding new things as the come up. I also have been trying some more acoustic type shows, and I'm really enjoying it. It gives me an opportunity to connect with people on a different level. To me, it opens the door to share with them what our little band is doing. Making Music is an incredible study. There's lots to listen to, and lots of writing inspiration in the world around us and the life that we've created for ourselves, both good and bad. I've spent a lot of time in the last couple of years listening to new music, and emerging artists. I've even shared a handful of them on social media. I Am doing what I think is my part, to help them emerge. I am being a good fan. Without naming any names, I've started to notice that there are some I don't care for as much I once did. As I began to reflect on this I noticed something about the ones that I don't listen to as much anymore. There's a common thread. They Don't seem to care about their fans. Some have even borderline insulted us. Breaking your "Give a [EXPLETIVE]" to make good music is one thing but forgetting who makes it possible for you to make a living in music is heartbreaking to us. Especially to those of us that have sacrificed so much, just for a shot to be where you are. It is a Labor of Love [music] and we can only hope that the words we spill on paper and then deliver with our hands and voices, we can only hope that you love it too. Maybe you relate, or maybe it just puts you in a good mood. So thank you! I love to see you dance! I love that you share with me when our tunes come up in your "shuffle" I love when you share photos of our T Shirts and Koozies. Thanks for stopping in for a beer when we're playing and thank you so much for listening. So? What's new with you???? Brian

Words From Steve "The Sherrif" Rodgers

1/13/13 It was a hell of a year, as Jer stated, we played all over town, out of town and had multiple shows on the same day in different towns. Not to mention practicing twice a week. We have been working hard and some great music has come out of it. I think we are all looking forward to getting the CD finished. Although Jer and Brian have been doing the writing they have given the band a creative license to add our own individual playing styles into the original songs. This has also been the case with the cover songs, we have all add our own signature to them. Through the good gigs and bad gigs we stuck with each other, you can’t really ask for more than that. So Brian asked me back a few months what he thought some of the bands milestone were this year. Well the dirty bourbon, our first real country club. Gecko’s and Corrales Bistro Brewery, we dialed in the acoustic instruments, the echo in both establishments is rather challenging. Cowgirls in Santa Fe, we didn’t know what to expect but we gained a lot of fans. The Sportsman’s Bar and Grill in Navajo Dam, great owners, great times and great fishing. Pete’s Cantina, because the power went out and we finished the night playing acoustic instruments, there is no stoppin us. The Golden Spur in Magdalena, the crowd danced to every song, what a compliment. The NM State Fair, we got to play an extra 12 minutes and we played before Marty Stuart, well it was 6 hours before him and on a different stage, but I’m looking at the cup as being half full. Molly’s and The Lazy Lizard, we have been playing at both places for months, but we just finished shows in the last 2 months there and they had awesome crowds, great response and we played incredible shows. 100 shows last year, big accomplishment. So I am looking forward to a new year and some great music. - Steve