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Live at NAMM

I will be performing at NAMM this year! You can catch me during the Songwriters round Jan 22nd, 4pm, at the Marriott Stage. I will be playing a few of my songs solo with acoustic guitar. If you are at NAMM, stop by, enjoy and say hi!

Videos from Housing Works event!

Check out these videos from the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe event! http://www.stylemtv.com/housing-works-bookstore-cafe/an-evening-with-rebecca-pidgeon-video_da508ceb3.html#

and an interview: http://www.stylemtv.com/housing-works-bookstore-cafe/exclusive-interview-with-rebecca-pidgeon-clara-mamet-video_9bdb0afbe.html#

New blog posted

A new blog by Rebecca is up on The Huffington Post about the benefit concert THIS FRIDAY in NYC with Rebecca Pidgeon at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe! Check it out and don't forget to RSVP and get your pre-order tickets now online! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rebecca-pidgeon/housing-works-rebecca-pidgeon_b_5148752.html

Sweden with Love

Hello everyone- check out this nice article in Sweden with Love. If you feel like purchasing a record today- mine just came out! How convenient for you! xo R

Rebecca Pidgeon is one cool mama! Don't miss the exclusive with the actress and Grammy-nominee on life, love (with husband, writer-director David Mamet), motherhood and the joys of a creative life. Here's October's Cover Story!! http://www.swedenwithlove.com/2013/10/rebecca-pidgeon/ *Exclusive photographs by Elizabeth Messina.*