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This is the place for a sticky note about two past gigs!

We already played those gigs last month, but we believe it's still sensational enough and worth another post: esperanska played 2 shows on 2 days with 2 great bands, that are linked to each other in a promising way. On thursday, march 14th there was a concert with Tod Ashley's band "Firewater", who produced the last album of our italian friends "Figli di Madre Ignota. The link from "Figli di Madre Ignota" to esperanska consists in our guitar player Andreas who toured with the italians for 2 years all over Europe but most of all in Figli's trumpet player Stefano "Iasko" Iascone, who a) mixed the new esperanska album "Palhaçada" and b) played trumpet on the new Firewater album "International Orange". Complicated? Naaaaa...! Don'T forget to mention Cristiano Novello hit the drums on the album, too! Figli guitar player Marco Pampaluna is a very special solo guitar guest on the song "Papelada" on esperanska's album "Palhaçada" and did appear as a guest on stage on some Firewater gigs in the past. On march 15th esperanska will play with the israelian oriental surf rock power trio "Boom Pam" whose guitarist Uri Kinrot Brauner also played on Firewater's "International Orange" and "The Golden Hour" and appears as guest on the last Figli di Madre Ignota album "Combat Disco Casbah". So why all this fuzz and name dropping? Why is this so sensational? Well, simply go an check out the music of "Figli di Madre ignota", "Firewater" and "Boom Pam": http://www.figlidimadreignota.it/ https://www.facebook.com/firewatermusic http://www.boompam.org/

Palhaçada - out on Jan 25th

esperanska's new album is available soon on amazon, cdbaby and in every shop in germany!