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Elephant Justice

The song "Elephant Justice" is not sung by Angelica, but by Dalila Daniels, a talented young vocalist from Jamaica. I wrote the lyrics myself for this one. The song was inspired by friends who are involved in a project to build a well for Masai villagers in Kenya. The villagers related stories of how elephants attacked them when they had to walk long distances to fetch water. The elephants were apparently lashing out at the first humans they saw for injustices done to them by poachers and landowners in Kenya.

Songs available on Angelica's website

Most of the songs I have posted are available for download on Angelica's website; www.angelicatucker.com. Check it out, and hear other songs as well.

Eric sings karaoke

Eric Price sings karaoke at Doc's on Monday night and Rose and Crown on Thursday night.

Angelica's website

Check out Angelica's website, www.angelicatucker.com. Numerous songs available for purchase!