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How Would You Break it Down? -the story behind the song

A few years ago, I was sat in my basement plunking out a chord pattern, which came to be the progression in 'How Would You Break it Down?'. Having liked where it was going, I then recorded the basic tracks and added a few extra for flavour. At this point, I had no lyric or melody, which is not my usual way of composing. For good or bad, I decided then and there to plug in the mic, press record and see what flowed from my lips. What you're hearing is the first attempt, words on the fly (nothing written down). Only recently (2012) did I actually capture the words on paper. I really like the feel of this song and it remains one of my favorite compositions.

Later in the year, I attempted the same formula and came up with a song called 'Pieces'. I'll post that song here, one of these days.