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Lots of new songs coming out!! I'm working on at least seventeen half-finished ones right now, but make sure to check out the videos of the newest two, "Hey Peter" and "Shouldn't I Be" Also don't miss "The Smile" and "Take Me Away" on the exclusive album preview for the new CD coming in early 2014!! Love & Corgis to you all, S

New Demo Coming Soon!

Hey guys - just wanted to let you know that a single for my new song is coming VERY SOON! Complete with full band and background vocals woo hoo!!! Check out the (super rough) youtube vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64uwGYWi8II

JEN 13

Hello again! I just wanted to do a quick recap on the amazing Jazz Education Network Conference in Atlanta this year. I was incredibly honored to be selected to perform with my band, and it was too much fun to get a group together featuring dear friends and musicians I know from all my different walks of life. I had my favorite pianist Addison Frei from Dallas, kickin' horn players Brian Clancy and Micah Bell also from Texas, my lovely friends Russell Ramirez and Jenna McSwain from New Orleans, and most of the Reggie Sullivan Project Band from Columbia - Reggie Sullivan himself on bass, Zach Bingham, and Brendan Bull. Making music with your friends is truly a treat!! I met some really amazing people, saw some incredible performances, had a ton of fun on the stage myself, and even got a little radio airplay! All in all, this year's conference in Atlanta was an inspiration and a blast, and I can't wait for 2014 in Dallas. See y'all there!! Peace & Corgis, S

Rockin the Wood

Hey everyone! I am INCREDIBLY excited to be playing my first show at Rockwood Music Hall today. It's a tea time set at 3 pm.. Featuring Julia Adamy on bass, Ross Pederson on drums, and Perry Smi on guitar! Best of all, it's free. We'll be premiering a brand new song that I just finished writing yesterday (at 6 in the morning - songwriting wakes me up sometimes!!) it's called "Mind Alive" (title credit to Matt D Hurley) and e lyrics are fun and goofy - it's a little jam tune :-) More songs are in the works - everything from cat ladies, to the pearly gates, to a song about the recent tragedies we've been facing here.... Our next gig after today is the JEN Conference in Atlanta on January 3rd - we might do some of these new tunes then! Stay tuned for even more shows to see the journey that inspiration (and lack of sleep) takes me on! Wishing you happy holidays and many corgis! S

Hey from BlogLand!

Salutations friends, fellow musicians, and especially fans! Sarah here. Writing my first blog. Just wanted to say thanks so much for visiting my reverbnation page! Keep checking back for new videos, tunes, and show! Speaking of shows - TONIGHT I'm playing keys and singing with my favorite percussionist/vocalist Matt D. Hurley at this adorable Asian Bistro in Park Slope, Brooklyn called KIKU. It's on 5th Ave between Douglass and Degraw St. and the food is AHMAHZING. We play from 7:30-10:30, and we'd love to see you there! Peace & Corgis, S