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Since I have spent most of my life doing not much more that playing bass/guitar/making music, I never really paid all that much thought to everything else that makes a band, ANY band, be able to play shows and “make it happen.” No matter what level you are playing on, or shooting for, there is a TON of stuff that needs to go down. For a band like ours, out there hustling, getting gigs, learning tunes and playing them well is only the beginning. Even for a bands doing what we are doing, playing covers (that is a whole different blog topic, and I have a ton to say on that), playing only locally here in SW Florida but gigging 2-4 nights/week, there is a ton of stuff that goes into being able to make it happen and keep it going. There is having/making a website .Sites like Reverbnation even give you a template and make it “simple”, but that still isn’t that “simple” to a dumb bass player. Having and maintaining a Facebook page, gig promotion (ie flyers, status updates, website updates ect). Not to mention running sound and lights and knowing about that stuff (do that ourselves too). There is backdrops and banners, set break music, and not least of all the dreaded TAX MAN……This is only the tip of the iceberg…. That is just a few things that I can think of off the top of my head. I’m still learning and its fun…. I suppose it’s a little “trial by fire.” We are learning as we go. I always striving to make it better….