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Today's Local Rank Boost!

#159 for local alternative bands. Geez.

3 u guyz

'Commodore Apeman'

The vicious new demo is up and ear candy. Thanks and enjoy.

'Tocked Up Janitorial Bubblegarden' Demo

In case the old JBG demo was a little too samey for you, try the 'Tocked Up' version, which has a little more of a tom-tom flavor. Why not?

Local rank boost #3!

Fermented Sloths (that's me/us!) is now up to #235 for local alternative bands on ReverbNation! Thanks for the trillionth time--I never thought we'd rise like this so soon.

Another local rank boost

From #599 to #415. Very happy to see!

In case anyone's curious, the reason why the old songs aren't up is... well, there are two reasons: A) they don't reflect the direction I'd like to take this band in and B) rights-wise I don't know how to work it, given Chris is no longer in the band and I haven't heard from the guy in years.

Local rank up

From #991 to #599.

Thank you so much for your support! Once I move out again in a few months and buy some new equipment, I'll be able to work with the demos outside of TuxGuitar, so you'll *really* get some new Sloths!

Hey, so, I'm going to update this thing.

I'll be adding new demos. I mess around with TuxGuitar pretty much everyday and I'm getting better at using it and adding bass and drum tracks to good ol' distortion guitar. Yep.