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Like the sun, we will have a rank rise.

From 26 to 21.

I notice that there are a lot of really good bands at the portion of the charts we're on, so to interpret that as people saying the new demos are that good... thanks much.

A rank rise is a rank rice!

Local rank from 31 to 26... another 5 spots! The global ranks are too crazy for me to evaluate... yet... but who doesn't want to conquer the world? Mwahahahah!

At the risk of sounding generic, thank you yet again, friends. Also, if you would like feedback for one of your tracks in particular, send me a message and the name of the track, and I'll give my thoughts. Peace.

Local rank boost, you are so fly.

From 44 to 31.

Looks like we're all building something here. Aw yeah.

'Drifters v2.0'

A little more loud. A little more awesome. Hope you like it; it's up now. Peace.

Local rank level up! Dn dn dn dnnnn!

Was 61. Now 44.

The more the music gets out there, the more people who listen. The more people who listen, the more opportunities for good things to happen with the music. Woot woot

Local rank/level up, dawg!

From 96 to 61.

Thank you to all new and old followers.

We're now in the top 100 local ranking!

From 136 to 96...

I really, really appreciate the support you all are showing, and I have no doubt I'll be able to back it up with some really good stuff... stay tuned.


New half-minuteish demo. Has a grungey vibe. Hope you dig it. -- JV

We rise in local ranking again!

From 159 to 136. Wowz.

If you enjoy what you're hearing on this profile, please spread the word. Peace.

Feedback is welcomed.

Let me know which song(s) you like, and what you'd like to hear out of me. Peace and stuff! - JV