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Number 5. Like McNabb. Or Flacco.

We suddenly shot up from #9 to #5 for local alternative rock artists.

Thanks to YOU!

Number 9, Number 9

It's a local rank rise to #9 (we were hovering at 10 for awhile)!

Your continued support is really neat.


New minute plus demo. It makes my head spin. Not yet sure if that's a good thing.


Rank Rise/Message From ReverbNation

"Whoa, you've broken into the top ten!

Congratulations! You are one of the top 10 bands on the ReverbNation charts. Nice work. Make sure to thank your fans, they helped you get there."

Thank you, fans!!!!!

Rocky, watch me pull another local rank rise!

From 12 to 11.

Oh, you shouldn't have, ReverbNation! hugz

'Ratt Out the Cellar'

Second new demo in three days. From me. To you. It's crunchy. It has a part that will one day form a 'real' guitar solo. Enjoy!

Rank rise Pt. 34372427

From 13 to 12 locally. Can ya dig it? I dig it. Dig it? Like Dig Ems the Frog? Dig It!

'Plastic Privilege Man Finally Grows Up and Fucks the Point in its Mouth'

"Plastic Privilege Man Finally Grows Up and Fucks the Point in its Mouth". That's the name of our new minuteish demo.

Pls enjoy.

Rank rise is good.

After a day of stayin' put, we've moved from #15 locally to #13!

thx cool people

Can you take our rank rise hiiiigher? Well, you did!

From 21 to 15. Interesting how as we go up the list, instead of slowing down this thing only picks up...

... and it's all because of you! 3