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Cover what!?

Our Little Animal is considering putting one cover song in each of our live sets. What songs would you like to hear this sweaty rock and roll band cover?

Young Citizens
Young Citizens  (over 4 years ago)

a clutch song. it would work too good for you guys. regulator, the mob goes wild, electric worry or cypress grove. do ittt

Rock and Roll Package Shows

Let's put together a kick-ass rock and roll show. Rather than each band trying to rope in fans who will only get out before the next band gets up, let's set a mood for the night. That mood should be rock and fucking roll. Build up the energy and make everybody sweat. If the band doesn't sweat, the audience won't either. Let's promote each other and whip up a good time for all. Rock and roll should be a religious experience. Contact us if you feel the spirit.