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original songs?!

well, call the papers because this is actually happening. i've started work on an original song. i haven't written any originals for 15 years, and it's a shame, because i've had more than enough personal experiences since then to be able to come up with material. i'm one of those people, though, that if i *try* to write i get a huge block about it and it doesn't ever seem to work. then every once in a while, i'll hear a song in my head and i'll scramble to try to get it down.

...i'm terrified. i didn't even want to tell you guys i was working on one, because they're so few and far between for me that i'm extremely self conscious. yeah, yeah, there's no room for that in this business. but the fact of the matter is, yes, i get extremely nervous releasing personal, original material. i've always felt like other people had such more (musically and lyrically) eloquent ways of putting things, and although i pour my personal experience, heartache, and pain into my work, you as a listener don't quite know exactly the details of what i went through that engendered that feeling or reaction while i sing. as a songwriter, it's out there. you can make it as lyrically vague as you want, but it's out there, naked, on display. some people say that's the nature of the beast. some say that that's what makes a good song - a sense of realistic vulnerability, something that people can identify with and feel the way you felt - and i agree, i do think that's part of what makes a song good, great, or fantastic. it's just....so much. and when you've had such powerful experiences like i've had, even in the past year, i'm always afraid of crossing the line from emotionally powerful to making people REALLY uncomfortable and awkward. but i suppose i will never know unless i try, so full steam ahead.