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"This winter we did our third session at Fidelitorium- and it just gets better every time! Of course, all the basics are perfect- great mics, great rooms, great amps, great sounds, etc. But on top of all that, you can go from IDEA to REALITY in less than 30 seconds! Mitch makes it happen instantly! If you’ve recorded much, you know it’s hard to find a person and a place that understands what you’re trying to do and knows how to do it. The selection of amps and pedals is just perfect for anyone- whether you are going for perfect high-fidelity or want to summon extra-terrestrial life on your record! Once you get the tracking done, mixing is actually FUN! There’s nice variety of great sounding compressors, harmonizers, delay units, reverb, and much more. Plus the easy-going, can-do vibe just makes things move along at a nice pace. A great staff and kitchen makes it feel like a second home. Late night record-listening parties (on a turntable) with snacks are the cherry on top…Can't say enough good things!"

Cheetie Kumar guitar player & band chef

"Serotonen (Jenna & Alex's band) had a discriminating taste when it came to piano tone. I had already tracked half of the piano for their album in a large church. We wanted a tight piano sound for some of the upbeat songs. The piano at Fidelitorium was perfect; we tracked it in the small iso room off the main room.

We used a stereo Royer, the TS-2, and another condenser to get a full, balanced tone from the piano. In the mix, I ended up using all of the tracks, even though the Royer sounded great by itself. The tracks sounded smooth through the Neve console. I didn't have to do much EQ in mix down (just a few dips around the vocal, but nothing too major). Everything sounded great.

All in all, it was a great experience. My Pro Tools 7 session from my LE system opened seamlessly into the Pro Tools HD system. The half day overdub session couldn't have gone better. Also, the staff was very professional and accommodating throughout the session."

Mike Garrigan producer, engineer and musician

Winter News

“For us, it comes down to word of mouth and slogging it out, and being a good live band.”-- Death Cab for Cutie & The Postal Service's-- Ben Gibbard

"After mixing five songs for Yusef Islam's new album I was pleased - as always - with the Fidelitorium. The staff is great, the room is terrific and I wouldn't have taken this project anywhere else. I consider the Fidelitorium to be my home away from home studio."

Bill Szymczyk legendary producer and engineer

"No one knows analog better than Mitch Easter. I wanted the "mojo" of analog for the Zach Seibert project I was working on. Having produced, engineered and mixed the project at jangly records I also wanted Mitch's ears and the fantastic listening environment of Fidelitorium for a final check prior to mastering. It was a great experience to come to Fidelitorium and sum the digital tracks into analog and put them to tape. I was able to tweak the mixes along the way and Mitch's input was invaluable. We ran the tape back through the converters and the project was ready to master. I am looking forward to tracking a project to tape next and will return to Fidelitorium for that experience!"

Paul Bodamer Jangly Records Columbia, SC

"I couldn't ask for a classier, more comfortable place to record music. A perfect fit and I can't wait to come back"

Joseph Stephens Composer/Producer/Multi-instrumentalist

"We have worked in dozens of studios over the years and knew that we had specific requirements of the studio we would choose for our new album. These included a nice big room with perfect acoustics, as we intended to record the band all together. Great equipment was essential, including super amps and mics, a nice acoustic piano, hammond organ, state-of-the-art board, and both digital and analog capability. Then, we wanted a skilled engineer who was an experienced producer as well. And, it had to be someone we would enjoy spending time with and who would bring the best out in us. Mitch and Amanda have made us really feel at home, and we are very excited about the product. Each session at Fidelitorium has been filled with a lot of laughs and great music. We can't wait to return in the summer to begin our next album!" Kirk Ridge Black Dog Syndrome

"Fidelitorium continues to be an amazing resource to our (or any) musical community. I came in right before Christmas with American Aquarium, a full-on rocking and country-in' electric band with seven members, and we were able to get stunning tracks with all the musicians playing together at once, including drums, acoustic guitar, and that amazing piano! The band was totally psyched by this (as we would say in the sixties, it's a good thing), as well as by the experience of being in such comfortable and yet swank digs, and it brought out their best. The fidelity of the tracks, back in my control room, is as good as it gets."

Chris Stamey producer, engineer, musician

Summer News

Summer News

" The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing."-- James Brown

What a summer! Three months worth of sessions all of which were a real pleasure to host here at Fidelitorium. Thanks to all who contributed to this blog.

Western Civ Chapel Hill,NC

"Working at Fidelitorium was the musical equivalent of having Picasso or Dali coach you painting technique-- Mitch's expertise at getting the sounds you're looking for is awe-inspiring, and the studio couldn't possibly be located in a more peaceful, bucolic environment. The only tough moment was realizing we'd finished the record!" - -Bryan Cabler, Western Civ

Mitch Easter - producer/engineer Rich Henderson - vocals, drums Bryan Cabler - drums, back-up vocals, Jason Briggs - bass, keys, percussions, back-up vocals Jason Hall - guitar, keys, zylopipes, percussions

Outformation Atlanta, GA

"For me, the session ended on a high note when Outformation let me record a live mix straight to 2-track analog. They picked the Dylan cover "Girl From North Country", and after much discussion about using headphones or not, a compromise was reached when the band allowed me to remove the sound barriers around the amps, and I gave in on letting them use headphones. Both the performance and the recording came out great! This was my first time working with a band who operates as a true democracy, everyone's opinion was courted and accommodated. I have to say, in this particular case it worked quite successfully and they left after 10 days with their basic tracks plus many overdubs and final vocal takes completed. I also applaud them for not asking for rough mixes to listen to on the way home!"- -Morgan Kraft about working with Outformation

Sam Holt - guitar, vocals Grady Upchurch - bass,vocals Lee Schwartz - drums,vocals CR Gruver - keys,vocals Jeff "Birddog" Lane - percussion,vocals

Snaves Project Wilmington, NC

At the end of 2004, after recording their 5th and final album (prod. Mitch Easter),Hungry Mind Review split in two, resulting in The Joys (Stephan Bayley and Stephanie Wallace) and The Snaves UK (Rob Hay and Holt Evans); Evans and Hay recruited 3 new members and played their debut show opening for Shalini December 2005; after several lineup changes, they then began recording an album of originals; the arrangements feature several HMR trademarks such as the use of Mellotrons, Chapman Stick, Ebows and lots of electric guitar and vocal harmonies.

The Snaves UK debut album is being recorded to 2" tape both at Fidelitorium and Plugpoint Studio in Wilmington;http://www.myspace.com/plugpointstudio

Frank Bruno (of Bruce Springsteen's Seegar Sessions Band)- lead vocals Eddie Todd - drums Mitch Easter - guitar David Heinrichs - harmonies Holt Evans - producer/engineer

The album is expected to be completed by early 2009.

Big Bill Morganfield & Bob Margolin

Bob Margolin reports that we tracked an entire album for Big Bill Morganfield (Muddy Waters' son) in two-and-a-half days at the Fidelitorium in late June, so smooth and easy. It was co-produced by Bob Margolin and Brian Bisesi. Engineer Mark Williams used all in-house Fidelitrium equipment, including a B.L.U.E. Kiwi vocal mic for Bill's vocals and real piano and organ. We brought in vintage small Gibson and Fender amps and some Victoria boutique amps. The guitars were all Gibson and Fender, mostly old ones. Thanks for making these sessions so easy! --Bob Margolin

Studio clients


Alejandro Escovedo Steve Almaas Steve Almaas + Ali Smith The Argument Army of Me Athenaeum The Baskervilles Bellglide Ben Folds Five Between the Buried and Me Birds of Avalon Black Eyed Dog Blue Yard Garden Tom "Mookie" Brill Nappy Brown The Butchies Chatham County Line Charles Allison Chris Allen Code Seven Coronet Blue Sean Costello Crenshaw The dB's Darren Jesse David Niblock The Diplomats Drive by Truckers Drunk Stuntmen Mitch Easter Ebo Econoghost ECPE D. Henry Fenton Fiendish Minstrels Fiendish (Parlor) Minstrels Jeffrey Dean Foster Georgia Avenue Glory Fountain Nicki Gonzalez Heavens Sake Hungry Mind Review Iconic Indoor Storm Insanity Wave Jack's House Juniper Lane Ken Stringfellow The Tim Lee Band Let's Active Lia & the Wave Little Miss Messy Ann Loureiro Lucky Town Mary Prankster Matador Red Madison Smartt Bell and Wyn Cooper Bob Margolin Mayflies USA Mia Boyle Milepost 9 Moltheni The Naked Sams Evan Olson Orange Humble Band Parklife Poppy Nosh R.E.M. Revelation Darling The Sammies Sea of Cortez Shalini Steuart Smith Snagglepuss Sorry About Dresden Southern Culture on the Skids Spank Amy Speace & The Tearjerks Stratocruiser Stims Squirrel Nut Zippers Bobby Sutliff The Holiday Band The Joys The Mockers George Usher Brian Vander Ark Velvet Virginia Coalition Joe Vitale Willie Weeks The White Octave Western Civ Kenya Wilson The Windbreakers Zox

Producers and Engineers:

David Barbe Billy Bennett Matt Boswell Scott Cable Ted Comerford Eric Disrud Don Dixon Bob Engel Mitch Easter Paul Hager Ben Holst Bruce Irvine Jamie King Alex Kostelnik Morgan Kraft Scott Litt James Mastro Mike Napolitano Alex Newport Brian Paulson John Plymale David Seward Scott Solter Phillip Stair Chris Stamey Bill Szymczyk Mike Taylor Bob Weston