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What's a Blog anyway?

So I noticed that they we never really blog. I mean we do a events newsletter and we send out updates on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Reverbnation, 6AMBAND.COM, and who knows where else. Well here we are...random thoughts I suppose...or not so random... We are performing at The Modesto Maniax game on Saturday April 21st. We've been nominated in 6 catagories for the Annual Bands4Bands awards. And we've been trying to get "THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL" finished up.... Stay tuned...where ever you are... for more info!

6:AM! Times - Feb. 2011

Hello to all the friends of 6:AM! out there~ We hope this New Year has started out well for you. We have had a rockin year so far... and it only looks like its going to keep rollin! We've been to the NAMM SHOW, got our cd in a jukebox, and started recording our second album... 2011 IS GOING TO ROCK! But we need your help this Sunday. We are playing in a battle of the bands at the famous DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The winners of this first round are choosen by the audience...that's where you would come in. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door...but 6:AM! has been able to get our hands on a limited number of free limited edition tickets and we'll be happy to send them to you! The only kick is that you have to be able to stay to the end of the show for the voting. The show starts at 530 pm and it looks like we'll be going on after 830 but we wont' know for sure until Sunday afternoon...and of course we'll let you know when we know. Oh, also this show is all ages...so bring the kids, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandparents, and whoever! So if you wanna go... just send an email to JOHNNYROCK@6AMBAND.COM or respond directly to this email and we'll mail the tickets right out to you. DNA LOUNGE 375 11th ST. SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 94103 doors at 530 / ALL AGES! As always, thank you for all your support! 6:AM!

6:AM! Times - July 2010

Hey Hey and happy July- What's going on all you ravinous 6:AM! fans? Well what can we say...we're a rock band full of guys, so if we can't get "thank you" or "happy birthday" cards out on time, then what chance do you think our newsletter has? But serioiusly, we have some pretty cool reasons to be send you a special edition of the 6:AM! Times this month... After multiple attempts, we finally have some cool videos on line. Back in May we did some filming with Mevio Underground (www.mevio.com). They recorded three songs in studio and did a web-broadcast, so now we have the videos both on the website and on YouTube...not to mention available on Mevio. On our website, click on 6:AM! LIVE... On YouTube and Mevio, keyword 6AMBAND. We also have a few other tunes up from some recent shows. Back in April, we got our first chance to perform at The Venuez in Santa Clara... well now you can see some the best pics of us that we've ever seen. The pics are listed MOMENTS IN TIME / APRIL 17, 2010...and are super cool. And we'll be having EYESPOTPHOTOS back at our next show...so were your best smile! Which brings us to the next show... We are celebrating the 4th of July a day early... This Saturday (July 3, 2010), we will be headlining an All American Rock-n-Roll Party at the Quarter Note in Sunnyvale! And we aren't doing this alone... our buddies Hands of Time, Analog Soul, and Mudsoc will be on hand to get the fuse lit and 6:AM! will be the gun powder inside the fireworks! Yes there will be some loud bangs and pretty lights... Oh and to help us party right, our new friends at DEVOTION VODKA will have some drink specials going on and maybe some cool give aways! We are hoping that this show will be the start of something big between 6:AM! and Devotion, check them out at WWW.DEVOTIONVODKA.COM So help us celebrate the birth of our nation, by blowing a small part of it up! Thanks for your support the boyz @ 6:AM! www.6amband.com The Quarter Note 1214 Apollo Wy... Sunnyvale, Ca. 94085 you are receiving this email because you wanted it...if you want to be a loser and left out in the cold, unloved, and un-informed...then reply with remove in the subject line...loser.

6:AM! TImes Special Edition (Dec.2009)

Hey, if you don't know what's going on this Saturday... THEN YOU'RE LIVING UNDER A LOT OF ROCKS! This Saturday(Dec.12, 2009) at the Quarter Note in Sunnyvale, Ca. is... 6:AM!'s 10th Anniversary & CD Release Party! The doors open at 7pm and show is at 8pm with only a $6 cover... but what do you get for that? Well... We'll have some great performances by RUBEN SINGH(former 6:AM! guitarist) performing solo Flamenco and rock guitar, HANK THE MAGICIAN, The Jager-ettes, the comedy of PHIL JOHNSON, ORIGINAL SIN live Burlesque, special musical guests MYSTIC RAGE, and of coarse 6:AM! will be playing songs from our new disk and introducing our newest guitarist! There will be a raffel with tickets for only $1 or you can get 6 for $5 and will feature prizes such as; handmade apron and bag from Grandma's Gardens of San Jose, a handmade quilt from Heather Vlcek, items from Phil Johnson and Mystic Rage, and a framed autographed copy of "IT'S ABOUT TIME". During the unveiling of "IT'S ABOUT TIME", we'll all enjoy some cake! And there will be a merchandise table featuring items for sale, including a handmade assortment from Grandma's Gardens of San Jose and you will be able to be the first to purchase a copy of "IT'S ABOUT TIME" for the special price of only $6 bucks! You get all of this for $6bucks(that's six dollars American, 20.63Lira, 180.42Rubles, 1.71Dinar, 6.15Franc, 533.16Yen, or 4.07Euro) NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT... THAT'S A STEAL! Now we to announce the winner of 6:AM!'s Q&A VIP Package Winner...and the winner is (drum roll Food!) INGRID M.! Ingrid's question was choosen at random by the band to be our winner...but her question was one that got the whole band involved. Ingrid's VIP Package includes... 2 tickets to the Anniversary show, dinner for 2 provided by Mike & The QuarterNote Grille, a round of drinks with the band, an apron of her choosing provided by Grandma's Gardens of San Jose, and a framed autographed copy of "IT'S ABOUT TIME"! Congrats Ingrid from the boyz and to read Ingrid's question and to enter yourself into next month's drawing, simply log onto WWW.6AMBAND.COM and click on the Q&A page. Well, guess that's it... Tomorrow night is going to be a night you won't forget and you don't want to miss! We'll see you there. The Boyz ~6:AM!~ WWW.6AMBAND.COM THE QUARTER NOTE 1214 Apollo Wy. Sunnyvale, CA. 94085 doors at 7pm / show at 8pm $6cover / 21+

Monday is the last day!

Today is the last day to sign up for the 6:AM Times and recieve some special information regarding our 10th Anniversary Party! Head over to 6AMBAND.COM and do it now!

6:AM! is back to the cool sounds of dualing guitars

Well, if you haven't heard yet... 6:AM! is happy to announce our new 2nd guitarist, JAY POTTENGER! We are once again back to that killer dualing guitar sound...Check out Jay's debut performance with 6:AM! at the 10th Anniversary & CD Release Party!