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new collaboration

hello ladies n gentlemen..one of my students and myslf have started a blog on guitar lessons n tutorials with videos...plz do check the blog out..here's the link:


connect on fb....

plz like my fb page.. http://www.facebook.com/AnkurMukehrjee if u like my stff on reverbnation...ur support will b greatly appreciated...:) :)

mayones duncan contest entry

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzDicMo67uE my entry for the mayones duncan guitar contest..hope ull like it..sorry fr the poor audio quality..am nt rich enuf to buy good cameras..thanks..do chek it out if u find tym :) :)

merry christmas..:)

merry Christmas to evryone...evryone around the word...hope u all hav a great great new year :) :) :)

hey guys....

hello....gdmrning frm india....iv finally found a facebook page...guys plz like it... :) il return the likes :)



hey whoeva is reading this...im a broke lazy 25yr old lil music guy frm Calcutta,India..who loves the guitar....these r my demos..n thts y theyr small....i hope sm1 likes em...n i earn a lot of money n fame :D thank yaa.. njoyy.....