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The Outsider's Edge / Blog

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Band Blog? Cool... '' Praise Cobain ''

Alright, We are junkies, but only with musics. That's our addiction. Others will want to say this, ' Why are you laying out a stupid figure like this? '. All we say is, patience, is always the key to success. We do not mind if it take years towards success, as long as we make it open. Okay, back to the blog. I just don't know what to say or talk about here, but just remind you fans that, they are not only GRUNGE, they are mix. The only thing that says and made us Grunge because we are. Our first interest in Rock musics arent just Nirvana. Dean listens to Metallica when he was 3 years old, ' Memory Remains ' was the first. But as times flies fast, the band got more interested in the scene of Grunge. Not only to Nirvana, but with MudHoney, Seether, Silverchair, Pearl Jam, and much more. The Outsider's Edge wasnt just by accident. It was first called ' Virus Attack ' but since their luck wasnt that good, and they soon changed it on 2011. The band was tighten since the fall of 2009, even though albums wasnt the idea yet, jamming was. In the beginning of 2011, the band was having difficuties within members. Some complaint, some didnt wanna play by the rules, so we decided to replace a new and better one. Hensly is first and the last time that the band will ever recruit, and it the whole members fall and fail, there will be no use for The Outsider's Edge to ever exist. Dean and Elvin are the founded of making the ' we'd never knew we come this far' band on 2009.


Elvin promised to sleep over at Dean's place, and by accident Elvin bring his 'Fender' Acoustic Guitar along. During that time, Dean doesnt even know how to play and write a song. Until Elvin taught... So, after several hours singing while Elvin's tuning his guitar, Dean suddenly asked... ' Oi Vin, do you know how to play Nirvana's Come As You Are song? It's my favorite ' and Elvin replies by saying this, ' I know... :) ' So, he played, with the wrong chords but i was like ' argh! fuck it! just continue playing it '. The pre-chorus back then was C, G. Then the chorus was C, G, F, A. Whenever Dean recalls that moment, he'd laugh his ass off. Then again, Dean decided to go for his first jamm with Elvin at some cheap old-school jamming studio that cost us only 20 ringgit malaysia money, for 1 hour straight. It was great, but they jamm every friday after high school and they improved. Come As Tou Are became Come As You Are. *Come As Tou Are was referred to Elvin's wrong chords* The guitar and drums improved a lot as the years flies. Then shortly after the band didnt played Nirvana, claims to Dean that it was already too perfect for him to do drums for Nirvana's covers, which Elvin was like 'RIGHTTTTTT'.


The band was having problem in the search of a bassist. Back in 2012, Dean claims this, ' i have no fucking idea why and how i suddenly pick Hensly in the band. I wasnt myself then, but all i know and believe is that, He is my good friend and he can sing and play '. Hensly is a good guy. Before The Outsider's Edge was born, they were already close as brothers. And Dean knew that Hensly can play and sing well in a respective ways. It was about 2012 that Dean decided to recruit Hensly into the band for bass and back up vocals. It was to surpise Elvin so he could focus more into the band than himself. After all, they were classmates. Hensly and Elvin did a great teamwork in the band. And have sacrificed for the sake of being under the name The Outsider's Edge.


Dean was a drummer for the band, but due to his mother's request, he took over as being vocalist and guitarist. For now, the band is finding someone who can really *Headbang your heads off while playing drums* kinda guy.

Now the band has a personal D.I.Y shitty recording tracks kept and produced by Dean himself.