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Welcome! To The Digital Age Of Music! Please check your daydreams at the door!

So this is the Internet, huh?... Of course I've used the web before, but never really extensively to promote my music. Sure, a Myspace or Facebook tweet here and there, but never anything substantial. I was far too "old school" in my approach it appeared. Why not change with the times, right?! Nobody records full length albums anymore! Hell, Nobody even buys CD's anymore! Nobody buys ANY music anymore! Shit, nobody even calls anybody with their phones anymore! And if everyone else is on the path to social and intellectual retardation, why not follow suit?

Who cares that I won't ever probably make a dime doing what I'm most passionate about? I have a job, and a decent one at that. All the people in my various bands do in fact. So, why concern myself with something as trivial as finances? I'm pretty sure Picasso died a poor, starving little Spanish man. And they just threw Mozart into an unnamed grave with countless other carcasses...

That being said, I don't want to make it seem as if I'm a bitter, young cynic. I am, but that aside, I do find some morbid joy in the lack of monetary success available in Music. For instance, without Music being a "Job" of mine, I am free to approach it at my leisure. I don't have to worry about some cigar puffing record exec blowing up my phone at all hours of the day asking if I made any progress in creating a hit single.

I also don't have the horror stories everyone always hears about falling in with a fast crowd of druggie scumbags and diseased whores. I am able to lead a very regimented, wholesome, and somewhat boring at times, life. I have my excitement and what's known in the trade as "Partying", but I also have no lifetime membership to N.A. Or a free clinic!

I also am free to creatively explore ANY and ALL musical possibilities that my mind can concoct! Ask any major label artists if they aren't jumping through hoops. The answer may shock you... I sometimes wonder if artists such as Nickelback or Maroon 5 are in actuality, these phenomenal Jazz Fusion players who only keep the ruse of their non-threatening musical image to pander to the masses and earn a huge paycheck. I'd love it if they were, in fact! Don't tell me you wouldn't want to see Chad Kroeger doing a shred off with Al Di Meola! And Chad actually being able to keep up, and possibly show up our dear Al with his chops! Hilarious? Indeed. Probable? Not so much.

With these factors being out of the question, and my bills being paid, I have the utmost freedom in my artistry! It's quite liberating and makes me sleep very well at night.

I could bore you with the pros and cons of an Internet based Music industry, but I fear it's already too far into the game to change anything about it. And why change something if you're not experiencing severe discomfort from it? I still have work on Monday at 9:00 am.

- Brynen