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As Lucifer Taught It to Me (By Israfel Sivad)

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, there were two – red and black, servants in time, nameless angels both of them, neither male nor female, neither good nor evil, connected forever through the infinite mind of Father Time.

Like the blind, they played in darkness, learning how to touch the other’s hardened skin. Like fetal twins, they floated in emptiness, relying on the other to confirm their own existence. They never spoke. They knew no words. Each felt what the other thought, and in that way, they knew they were never alone. There was no God. There was no devil. There were only the two, joined at infinity for infinity. Someday, they will be there again.

Under the reign of chaos, the universe began to shift. Painting the nothing a rainbow, destabilized gases imploded and exploded. By the distant light of the birthing stars, the two saw one another for the first time in time. They saw arms and hands. They touched legs and feet. Their fingers and toes curled around one another’s. One was a fiery red. The other – sable black. They were beautiful. Each wondered at the other’s face – thin and sharp, unexpressive and blank, with emotionless eyes the same color as their skins. They embraced to feel the warmth they’d grown so accustomed to in darkness. With sight, what we would call their love only grew. But with the coming of light, their forever lives began to change.

Father Time, in one of his many fantastic revelries, had made a decree. Though neither knew that time existed, they were bound by their creator’s universal laws. What must be will be. Unity is made up of pluralities. Eternity can only exist eternally. Everything is Father Time’s dream. This is the story as Lucifer taught it to me.