Wow im soo in shock!!

I never would imagine the response im recieving from these songs i wrote long ago at home with my little desktop computer with a plug in the back microphone with cake walk and reasons software! im truely music to my core and so in my element and happy when creating it so i appreciate the feedback in an abundance of pleasure!!! Thanks more updated music to come i got catalogs worth!!

no mo fear

These songs have been sitting in my harddrivve for too many years some with looped beats and some without just was ready to let them go and start a new selection of songs wrote to my belt tho the quality of the recordings could use some improvement it was important to me to lyrically be obediant to get the lyric and melody out and down on something whether they go no where some where or every where is not why i do it its in my core make up to create and thats why i do it ti truely feel in my element when im in a creative atmosphere!! writing whats spewing out of my soul mind and emotions!!!