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Current review by Giovanni Carta at Arlequins Progressive Rock Webzine(Italy):

It 's always a pleasant surprise to find musicians who seemed reported missing ! In fact, Frank D'Angelo, founder of Oxygene8 excellent guitarist and co-author with Linda Cushma of the delicious cd called " Poetica " , published in the past, ten years ago, after a good live activity divided between Europe and Mexico did not hear a lot of news of him for some time and finally came back to us together with this new project Materium ,formed the band along with bassist / vocalist Stephen Santana , drummer George Miller(Current drummer Jim Glading) and keyboardist Francisco Cortina. ,\ "In The Materium " falls within 'inflated area prog-metal , a genre in which it is now easy to fall into something predictable and where it does not take much imagination to figure out where to go to save a song after another detachment of odd time signatures with the usual succession of light and dark ornate flourishes followed by frantic canonical keyboard solos . Yet, what on paper should in fact be the classic boring disc , is good finally to fill the empty space in our collection of cd, turns out after a couple of listens patients as a product of discrete value, , consisting of a series of tracks definitely well played and also equipped with a melodic appeal : in fact Stephen Santana does not deny pop hooks and catchy melodies , (sometimes too much), with a taste that maintains a balance between the typical standard melodic metal -aor and some more contemporary American trends derived from "new metal" and post-grunge ( in a word: Tamarra ) , but always in a context of good instrumental technique and also with a certain refinement , which is not always obvious in the field of heavy prog metal . There are so a couple of good instrumental pieces , "Zombie Bath Salts " and " It Could Be Doomsday" , to represent the face of the most progressive aspects of Materium , of course, devoted to the worship of songs similar to Rush, an adoration that in fact you feel great other cuts such as the intense opener " in The Materium " , while elsewhere influences ranges from King's X to the more metallic Porcupine Tree , with the usual references to Dream Theater , Pain Of Salvation and something usually sounds close to the outputs of the infamous metal Inside Out artists. This is clearly perceived ambition, not unreasonably, to enter and remain in the fm radio stations arena , in pieces such as the catchy " Man Of Tomorrow" and " Moon Over Li Jang " or in the effective ballad blues -pop "Nobody Thinks of You ( Anymore ) " , while the evocative and dreamy closing "Out There Somewhere" once again reminds one of Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree)... In the Materium will not satisfy the most demanding progressive palates (tastes), but definitely "In The Materium " will find more than a few supporters in the sympathizers of metal .As a product in its own way ,these artisans argue for good sound production and especially for the undeniable technical skill and experience of the musicians ... If there will ever be a second CD for the Materium we hope , however, a greater sensitivity towards solutions even closer to progressive , because they have the talent to play anything more complex and ambitious …....not to miss!

Sinfomusic.net CD Review

With good bonding sessions musicians usually give excellent results in the form of discs impeccably designed and executed. The case of Materium is exactly this , people who were tired of giving everything to others, decide to put all their talents to their own project. The band was born in the southern United States, home to artists with character and artistic power , a group that is at ease with the progressive amorphous structures and decides to translate it into this tremendous In The Materium CD. Frank D' Angelo ( Guitars and Vocals ) , Stephen Santana ( Bass, Lead Vocals ) are the creators of this new gadget full of good feelings , adding to them Francisco Cortina on keyboards and Jim Glading on Drums with recording credit to George Miller.

The album is definitely a demonstration of balance between two opposite poles , brute force and finesse , a union that has blunt details, melodies , rhythmic and sonic force power . The capabilities of the musicians are fully demonstrated in this work, that reminds people what they have done. As remarkable as King's X , Planet X , Liquid Tension Experiment , and some Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater ... The album has a very firm tread , not given to excessively rapid rhythms , the CD is a demonstration of muscle prog, with a set of very strong guitar and bass but without falling into stridency . The combination of this with the details on keyboards and time changes gives the listeners a good wealth of complexity. "In the Materium " opens the album with a good dose of melody and powerful rhythmic complexity , a formula that defines the disk. "Zombie Bath Salts " is a demonstration of musical talent building a castle full of changes , one guided by a keyboard piece thats very present. The search for the melody and harmonic simplicity is constant between the powerful passages , making small interludes of lyrics on "Man of Tomorrow" is certainly an example of what I am telling you . "Moon Over Li Jiang" is a more sedate , a chart showing the near side , which again has to do with "Nobody Thinks Of You ( Anymore ) " . " I'm Not Your Enemy" or " Prevail Or Fall" is means time with a game of superlatives guitars and basses with a psychedelic touch that makes them open up a new dimension. " It Could Be Dooms Day" returns to the power of the first issues and " Out There Somewhere" is very reminiscent of Steve Wilson , although the keyboards and vocals give it a personal touch and a terrific end . Materium will thrill you and not leave you indifferent , they are well worth listening to .

Jordi Costa Sinfomusic.net

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Materium's first CD review by Jim Schreck

The week I was going to write a review of Materiums Debut record, was the same week I began listening to the new Dream Theater album. At first I thought this would color my perceptions unfairly, (Because, you know Dream Theater is freakin' Dream Theater) However Materium provided a healthy dose of the prog I love and some pleasant surprises. The opening riff in seven instantly put a smile on my face and the dark and brooding feel of the production is really cool. In contrast to DTs Thrash metal-based approach, Materium Makes generous use of cleaner guitars and ambient textures. While there's plenty of detuned heaviness, The guitar work displays influences ranging from Holdsworthian legato leads to semi-clean playing reminiscent of late 80s Killing Joke. A great example of one such killer riff is the tune Not Your Enemy. The guitar part and the chorus have been running through my head a lot lately, which is the mark of a good song. And speaking of vocals, clean melodic singing abounds! This was a welcome find as my old ears have grown tired of the recent trend towards harsh vocals. Overall, the Materium debut is a good first effort and definitely worth a listen. Now if somebody would get them on the bill -with- Dream Theater, that would be a show...