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New Year,New Vibe

First and foremost I want to wish all those reading this a happy new year. The year is 2013, we are definitely living in the future.I can't begin to explain how cool it is for us to alive and apart of a whole new world. In this new year I am committed to bringing about a new Vibe. I want this new Vibe to be felt near and far, It's easy to duplicate the challenge is to create. How do you create a song so complex yet so simple to the ear? A song so Simple that the first time you hear it you feel like its a familiar tune. That's my focus this year when it comes to making music. In all essence I am an Artist, I would like to become a part time Business so I can figure out how to generate enough capital to continue creating and recording. But that is neither here or there, If it will it shall be, anyway yo I just wanted to give you guys some love. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for some NEW VIBES. #illimon


So its coming to an end, this crazy year that most referred to as the END of the world. I'm still breathing; are you? Thought so.. I guess that makes us lucky!! In reality I do feel like 2012 was the end of the world, Which doesn't necessarily mean we all die or turn into zombies. We EVOLVE.. so yeah I could go on for days about how that may or may not look but only you know.. So whatever you do in life make sure you take it to the next level.. EVOLVE #peace #illimon #ongod


I have 5 tabs open the perfection of a ultimate multi-tasker, 1 is for my word document where I am typing up lyrics 2 is this reverbnation page where I typing this quick blog post 3 is my Gmail account where I am setting up a meeting with a producer 4 is where I am researching spirituality and 5 is a pdf version of a Leadership development book that I'm reading. Welcome to the future of Success you almost have to be able to do 20 things at once and be in 50 places at once to win.!!! LIVE LONG & PROSPER I'm outty

For the Me in You

One of the toughest parts about being an independent artist is the rules and regulations that govern the game (music industry).To the misinformed artist it may seem as though an artist simply came "out of the blue" and made it to stardom. First of all stardom should not be your goal, you are an artist trying to present the world with a gift that you feel is worth their money right?? The people that make it were and in most cases still are in the same shoes as you, the only difference is they managed to get people on their sides who knew what it takes to get into the industry. I am a firm believer in "no over night success" it takes hard work and dedication. We work hard at what we love (music) but give up when we don't see the desired results. You have to keep going no matter what, but if you doubt for any second that you will make it..you won't. I find myself telling me this ever too often.. if you know for a fact that your calling is music you should work in every way you can to cultivate and develop a understanding of every aspect of the craft. The business side, the actual artistry and just SELF CONFIDENCE. Trust yourself. I think its as easy that, the only fucked up thing is people only listen when you make it. For that reason.. "Im gone make it.. point blank period". #ongod #peace

Music is Music

Broadcasting live from a soul that yearns to express itself. It informs me that most of you won't understand, I say it's O.K, I don't expect you too. I do however expect to be understood by the unseen, it may seem as if this is complete misguided randomness, the word complete being the word you must focus on. How can something like music make you feel so good? Would you say that it's simply what is being said? Or maybe how it's being said? The more I think about my approach to the creation of music and sound, the more i lose my grasp on reality and that "gets me crunk!!" Fuck reality. What does that even mean ?? How do you measure reality?? Hmmm this could go on forever.. I won't let it.. Prepare for greatness.. #illimon #ongod

Day before Thanksgiving

You I'm so ready to get my grub on, I do wish I was near my family. I'm sure they know I miss them, I'm sippin on a brew in the studio feeling like the grinch who stole Thanksgiving. So I decided to blog again about what Im thankful for .... First of all god thank you for this ultimate swag, I ate hot Cheetos earlier thanks for that, I happen to be one of the best teachers of the Dougie, thanks for that as well. I guess I should thank you for being alive to , hmmm what else... Fuck it this could take a minute ....I'm getting back on the song writing tip..... #peace #ongod #illimon have a good Holiday people...

Cold Turkey

Yo whats good people this is my first blog ever, I have never really saw the imprtance of it but FUCK it. It's always good to get a little something out of your system, I have been cold turkey on the music scene just working to master my craft. It wasn't until recently that I found that I was already a Master of my craft, It's my damn craft, my creation. Who can tell me I am not the Master of my own shit. Nobody!! You do you because its you, have faith that the way you do you is the only way you are meant to.I can't present myself as a superior or someone that knows it all, but what I can do is tell you that I am constantly seeking truth. I express my journey through my music, my SELF expression is all I know. For those of you who listen and feel like -___- huh?? Get off my dick!! #ILLIMON #PEACE #ONGOD #ILLIMON