Month Of Sundays / Blog

Time Flys

Over the past several month we have been so blessed to have landed so many awesome shows. We have got to meet so many new people, create all sorts of new friendships and have so much fun playing music while all this has happened. To know that after so many rehearsals and long endless hours of practice, it really makes it worth the while in the end. Not knowing the reaction that you will get after putting in all the hard work is a very worrisome feeling. We have had so many great responses to the music we have chose to play, the style we chose to do and the amount of effort we put it. We are excited to see how the rest of the year will pan out as we are approaching the summer season. Playing at the beach, or some of the many festivals that are happening in our local area. The feeling of playing music is such a refreshing feeling and as we keep rollin', I just cant wait to meet new people, play more shows, and Rock out all summer Long!

Local, Local, Local

Over the past couple of months we have ended up having a great response from people that have come out to see us. With the loyal friends and family that we have and the new faces we have got to meet has sure made us feel like we are on the right track. Over the past 5-10 years in our area we have noticed a great decrease in the Local Bands getting a shot to display what they are doing in the local bars. I'm not sure why the local bar seen is dying off as fast as it is. The local music scene in our area is great. Over the past couple years I find myself travelling to the city just to get my fill of music. Nothing use to beat going out on a Friday night to the local bars, seeing great cover bands, partying with friends and not having to worry about how your going to get home. Now I find myself missing out on new bands in our area that are having to display their talent in the cities. I Hope with the way things have been moving for “Month Of Sundays” we can keep letting the bar owners that we appreciate the fact some of them are still taking in Local bands. As a member of a band I hope that everyone will read this and continue to support local Music. Everyone benefits from it. You are spending your money local which helps the local businesses. It shows them that if they are willing to work towards better local events, that the local people are going to embrace it.