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May he grant you your heart’s desires and fulfill all your plans! Psalms 20:

Saturday, December 8, 2012 - Life is full of our dreams, some which come true, others that fall away. I believe that the things that we wish for come to us, especially when we don’t wish too hard. Passing thoughts, both good and bad ones, get lost in the reality of daily life, but somehow have a way of coming to fruition when we’re not even noticing them. Our plans, desires, and thoughts matter because they are the root of the actions we take.

In my work as a musician, I play with many different groups, one of which led me to meet Delaware artist Dennis Young. Dennis asked me to play at Christmas in Historic New Castle while he created a portrait that he was hoping to enter in a competition.

The morning of the event, Dennis told me that three other artists would join him for the session. For me that was no matter. A show is a show, whether for one person or 10,000, so the more the merrier! The combinations of my movement and sound with the artist drawings and paintings filled the room with a dynamic energy; a mixture of life, bustle, and present moment physical bodies interwoven with an entranced sense of being lost, transported, or timeless in the sounds and colors.

I want to add that in every show I play, I spend a serious couple of thoughts thinking about what to wear; pictures get taken a lot. This particular day, I wore black, a formal orchestral look. It was hilarious to discover that what I was wearing matters little to an artist. My black dress is recorded in painting and pastels as various shades of green and blue! All reality is a matter of perspective. Art is an expression of the human experience. As real as my black seemed to me, if you see it pink, then pink it is. Such is the relationship between the performing artist and the audience. Additionally, despite that these artists had the same sound and person to draw from, their works produced hugely different effects, beautifully illustrating the complexities of my own nature, and individual perspective and experience.

Afterward, I packed up my gear, said my goodbyes, and then as I was loading up my car, it dawned on me that I had just had a dream come true. I have always admired models; it seems nice to earn an income for being beautiful, but it is a profession that I’m too short for. Nonetheless, there I was! ...For three hours, being a model and never once even thinking of it. It was immensely satisfying to give of myself and my art to the purpose of creating art and furthermore, an experience that I am truly grateful to have had. http://www.sheilahershey.com/Blog/Blog.html