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bands/artists ive played shows with or been featured at for a minute

bands/artists ive shared the stage with:

bearz, mouf milly, interdimensional trashboat, lisa sidoran, lindsey logan, andre and lemuiex, donut ghost, jimmy go swimmer, gull, the pauses, pocket of lollipops, lately lucid, the hatchee duo, russian river, ego of smoke, the max levine ensemble, isurd, well bred delinquintz, dr. zolog, dior sentai, haunted girls, david hutch, speaker for the dead, j-e-double-f, stillborne identity, redrum thugs, man on wire, aeonian, good citizen, what we do, altus noumena, the sity, since the 20th, chelsea chavis, enchiridion, wave mage, free association, jfresh african hero, can.souled, whitey alabastard, big blue baloon, future lab rats, crickets make math, murda beatz, cursed circuits, biomechanical raptors, wild wonderworks, dj migz, hawks with rockets, colton owlsley, spirit of mirach, jonothan like, digging up the king, the young dead, centaur sapien, nodding off, moist ashes, beautiful sasquatch, the underwater basketweavers, tortoise and the hare, echo the cloud dragon, wordsworth, blueprint, strange arrangement, originill, the van kirk arrangement, letters to part, pay up game, bangboogie, elz, gonzo ratbot, ronin king, king struggle, ainchent whales, lost ronin, st. lowkey, lizzy pitch, andy d, greenstamp, after the fact, eons, tantamount, spidering, what the wolf is, the jellyfish brothers, nomad collectiv, the archives, oliver seibert, freedom hall, bubblegum octopus, manchurian

- more added soon when i care to remember more!