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my struggle

I've lived a hell of a life. I seen a lot of pain experienced a lot hurt I kame from a family of tough strong individuals. I feel like I've already won. My pops was my moms first love,but the streets was his we were well taken care of for a couple years. Then one night my dad was coming home from Atlantic city,feel asleep behind the wheel and that was the end of my child hood. My mom couldn't take it and one day I returned from school with my brova right behind me to a locked house, no mom, no nothing! The cops came took us away and the system would get to kno us well. Bitter wit the world I started my reign of terror every group home, institution,or facility got a piece of my anger! I fought got kicked outta schools ,homes,shelters ect. I was your average mad @ the world kid! I quickly learned musik did something to me it made me feel calmer happier ready for what ever when I learned my abilty to write I did it on a constant basis until my craft was to my likings, I began to showcase my talent n I loved the reaction n the rest you'll have to stay tuned *Yungun *