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Methane New Release Interview / Review Swedish southern metal band Methane is set to pre-release "Spit On Your Grave" on March 20, 2015. Spit On Your Grave is a 2 song single featuring alternitive versions of 'Spit On Your Grave' and '72'. The single is a precurser to Methane's upcoming full legnth in June. The material will be made available before it's release for the purposes of interviews and reviews. We invite our friends in the metal community who whish to book the digital media advance to please do so by answering this mail. We would also like to invite our radio family to contact us with times and dates for live or recorded interviews. Immediatly after the release Methane will be touring in Sweden with Mindshift, before turning it's sights on Europe. September will bring the band back to the USA this tour is already being booked. Homepage http://www.reverbnation.com/methanemetal For your consideration: Contact: Tim Scott methane_band@hotmail.com +46 70 491 8564 Booking USA Voodoo Queen Mangement Kathey Waxler posinivy@gmail.com Norway TT Entertainment thea@ttenertainment.no All other regions Tim methane_band@hotmail.com

Networking artists with Voodoo Queen Managent for the USA

Methane is happy to announce a new member to our metal family! We are now a network artist with Voodoo Queen Management and Posinivy Promotions in the U.S.A. This new working relationship will not only help us have contact with awesome bands like Final Drive , Saence and Conquestmetal but also help us deliver our brand of metal to the stage in America. Look for us on tour in the U.S. September 2015 \m/ http://voodooqueenmanagement.com/network-artists/

Scars and Bars #1 Requested song this week!!

Hellcast Radio METHANE 'Scars and Bars' #1 requested song on HCR @hellcastradio: Here it is! #HCR 1st Top 5 requested songs of the week 5) @chiodos 4) @DF_Offical 3) @lotuseffectband 2) @thisisalifetime 1) @MethaneMetal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a73GYIXkCZU&sns=em

Request Methane on these Radio stations..

Methane's EP 'Southern Metal' is being picked up by metal radio stations around the world most accessable on the internet Brazil- Radio Metal, France- La Grosse metal, Norway- Metal Express, USA - Total Metal Radio, Killtrend Radio , Rock Addict Radio, UK Midlands Metalheads, if your station is interested in rotating in Methane please contact Methane methane_band@hotmail.com

Shanie Soxx
Shanie Soxx  (almost 3 years ago)

You have a good following on Metal Rocks Radio as well. Great stuff!

Studio day 3

Jimi's guitars are complete, leaving Tim's vocals to be recorded next Tuesday. We will be posting photos on Instagram and Facebook later on today .. Get connected- \m/ethane

Studio day 2.

Tim's bass and Dylan's guitars are tracked. Next up Jimi's rythms and leads.. Tim's vocals and final mix ..check out Methanes Facebook and Methanemetal on Instgram for photos ..

Studio day 1:

Today Andreas layed down the drums and we started bass tracks.Of course nothing goes off without a hitch but with some fantasy we fixed those small problems that can pop with taper,toilette paper and more less metal things. Check out our Facebook or Instagram for for photos..