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So here is a legacy that began in 1978 so long ago it seems. I was a 15 year old misfit with a penchant for all things heavy. It's time to let all of you know whats currently on my mind. But first I must give some back ground as to who I am and what I stand for. I have spent most of my sentient life a musician and artist. I write lyrics and poetry. I write horror and macabre short stories. I have been writing two books one is called Metal, Mayhem and Murder, it is the story of my life from my child hood but most of all it is about my life as a Metal Musician. The other is a horror novel called "STINKY BILL". I have begun work on a new band project called CADAVERGRINZ! I look forward to sharing the whole life of this band with you. This page on reverbnation is a public acknowledgement of my story in musick. I am an artist first and a Musician second. I have a Musical philosophy and a life philosophy and I live by a code of conduct. My musick philosophy is this: In all cases the Musick and the song is more important that the personality or the ego of the Musician. My Philosophy on life is not so simple and couldn't possibly be explained here. I can say I believe we all have a higher purpose and most will never accomplish this purpose and most will never even know there is a bigger picture. I have almost died several times in my life and have to believe that there is purpose to my existence. I live with balance as my main goal, and it exists in everything I do and say. I love Metal I have made it my one truth in my art. I am real to my craft and to myself. It is said that in order to create truth in art you must know thy self. I am a TRUE PSYCHONAUT I am an explorer of....well me. Please join me on my journey of expiration, we will find purpose together. Damian Lucifer Stele'