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Studio is Done :)

The Recording Home For AXIA is Done! Our Home town of San Luis Obispo is a VERY difficult place to find people to play with on a professional level. After a two year break we find ourselves starting over. If anyone out there is looking to write new material, record professionally, and eventually play shows....... We are always looking for solid players with good attitudes. Send us a e-mail; theaxia@yahoo.com Thanks, AXIA


Things are moving along well, Just finished tracking pre production on our first tune for the next album. On to the next track "TORTURE DEVICE" it's gonna be awesome! Can't wait to start sharing our progress on our tube channel soon. We will keep you all posted :) Cheers, AXIA

2014 AXIA

Axia has been hard at work in the recording studio. We will be back playing Live in 2015. Thanks for a ll the support!!!! Cheers, AXIA

Thank You Axia Fans

THANK YOU AXIA FANS! In the last two days we had allot of downloads for our new single LITHA along with the AXIA e.p. Thanks for your support!

3EG @ The Roxy

THANK YOU HOLLYWOOD..............but mainly thank you to our fans that came all the way down, THANK YOU MOTOGRATER (if your reading this you know who you are and all the stuff you guys helped us with, thank you). Thank you to ALL the 3EG helpers and coordinators, (Bear thank you so much) and of course thank you guys at the Roxy (Dan you were a complete help thank you so much). Holy shit, 3EG was Amazing. Great feel, all good music, and great art. Besides having to end our show shortly and having to clear out the bottom of the Roxy at 11:00 so that Slash could get set-up for his cd-release party, we had a fucking blast. Once again Bear and John Lenac threw an awesome art fest. Deadbolt Zen was awesome, Armenian Space Station was Amazing (super technical and extremely tight definitly check these guys out) and of course West Indian Girl was Spectacular (especially those moog synths). We Rocked it. Cameras, freaks and artists, music, paint, inspiration, beautiful people, beer, everything about the show was awesome. The dancers did an amazing job, we definitly killed it down there. Hopefully there will be more to come. ROCK! keep in touch out there

Last Night!

Thank You, Thank You!!! You rock for showing your support at Hoovers Live in Atascadero...We WON this round of the battle of the bands! This means that we will be moving into the next round coming up in November possibly December, we'll keep you posted for sure! Great show to MSC, you guys brought it and quite a crowd too. Keep up the rhymes and good luck with all you do! We wish you guys the best!

AXIA's next show will be on Halloween Oct 31st, at Hoovers Live in Atascadero. You're in store for a great night of your favorite local rock bands...more details on the way!

Cheers! The AXIA


There has been some confusion...not really, but I'll set the story strait anyway on which album to buy from The AXIA. Here's the deal: As much as we searched and thought it through on how original or common the name AXIA is, we decided that that's the name the band will use. As original as we thought it would be and who's ever heard of an AXIA anyway? There ended up being, by chance, a band from Europe used the name back in the 80's..., which brings me to this point. If you love the sound of The AXIA (Us) and want to grab a copy of The AXIA E.P. please beware that the album with a white pony and pink border is NOT us. Our album is the Black with Gold writing. Pink Pony = Them Black/Gold = Us Got it? Good! They are great musicians, in fact we bought a copy just out of curiosity at one point...I think Craig still rocks it in the Pinto! :) Thanks again for your support, we couldn't do this without you. Cheers! The AXIA The skinny on The AXIA name: AXIA is the name of Chad's Grandmother who's husband 'Chad's Grandfather' named his boat after. We look at the band as our "Ship" or "AXIA" to travel the world and share our offerings of music to all that'll bend an ear.

October 1st!

Well, we made it through another show!FILTER was awesome! and People In Planes are Fuckin' bad ass (thanks guys for the back line) and Downtown Brew, Korie and Todd, you guys are the best! Thank you for asking us to open the show last night...we had a blast! Cheers! The AXIA