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string arranging

ok so I've never arranged string parts before I thought I'll have a go at it using my friend/classmate's composition which was a ballad and I tried my best to use the strings to bring the mood of the song alive...at first the strings in the chorus was a bit too loud for her liking, I tried making it softer but still have the grand effect as I felt the vocals was strong enough to not be overpowered by the strings...I generally used more cellos due to nature of the song as it was a sad song. Generally it was a first attempt, it's not great but it was a pretty nice experience^_^

in the midst of my school project

so basically I've got one song ready, can't seem to come up with a catchy enough chorus for my more dance track and now I need a percussionist since I'm not allowed to use the full drum set for the acoustic song which I still have trouble writing sigh...

I've basically got all my musicians ready and can't wait to start getting into the studio and start recording and all that. I'm probably going to be stressed out as hell by the time it comes but might as well make the best out of it^_^

It'll last longer than what was originally planned so instead of graduating in april, I'll be graduating in may I guess.

So the cd will probably be out by april instead of march, hopefully it'll be good enough to share it with everyone of you guys.^_^

Thanks so much for listening and fanning me on facebook, twitter, youtube, soundcloud and reverb^_^

school final year project

so I basically have one more song to write, I've gathered my musicians and I can't wait for everything to be recorded etc and then I can finally have a demo cd of my own with the songs that I wrote^_^ hopefully it'll be good though...