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I'm from a small town in the Middle West of the country. A busted broken down Iowan town along the historic Route 66 called Stuart. First truck stop east of Omaha, Stuart's tagline is "1600 good eggs and a few stinkers" -no joke. As someone once said: "The past informs the present", so I guess it's with those tools that I have shaped the way I look at the world. I keep hammering away. A fine piece of work in progess. Now I've been living on the Western-most West Coast. A skipping stone, carelessly thrown. I set my feet to wandering, not quite sure of the destination. Like waking up in the middle of a blackout I realized I'd been living in California for 7 years now. Whoa, that was a heavy night of drinking. I guess I'd describe my music as a study in redundancy or the pursuit of making redundancy interesting. I like to write songs I can walk around in. I want them to be like my favorite sweater or my Levi's. I like the relationship of opposites. Two sides of the same silver dollar, separate but bound together. Like weapons and armor. One influences the other. A shield has to be stronger than the sword and vice versa Nothing is impenetrable. Nothing stays the way it is... at least not for long. Every tossed coin has tale to tell, from the bottom of a wishing well.


Seth Trey
Seth Trey  (over 3 years ago)

I don't know if anybody expects these blogs to be read, but I read this one, and quite enjoyed it. I think we would get along.