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DIVINE SELF I Silence the Darkness an the shadows that Scream Call me their Devil that haunts your past, pleasures that you cant enjoy your Dreams. I torture Their light Chambered their heavens watch their Prophets saints angels and saviors fall, Control Kill and contain the phony holly disease, Their doubts, fear, shames an false lies they breathe, kill all their love they see kill all the liars they believe. Liberation of Redemptions Is Coming in Storm, Raising Teaching and Freeing the youth My Revenges comes with no horns nor I grant you the crown of thorns. I keep safe, preserve the only truth. The conflict of earth is taking care of it self, as we kill and torture it more by what they say. so many lives so many deaths so many lost on their way, as the Divine light Beats the heart of the day. Drinking your fill sip off every last spill for Do What thy will is the only thing that's real. For he Damages an left it knotted an giving the visions to someone so twisted knows the magick mist of the arts beyond gifted for i'am love and infinite. Sorted my life from the pleasures pain an what's hallow live my life with sin like there's no tomorrow My Faith is Nothing as hope is growing off from it, my words have spoken for I wont from it. My Life An will is To the Morning Star for that's what we all are in the life that's was kept so far -TWISTED SERIAL KILLA Gabriel Tafoya