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4/10 crap 'O" la !

Well, I am working with a bass player. So far so good. Also I am working on NEW material right now. I think I have around three or four new songs. I am going to be keeping everything very dark and very heavy. Soon, I may have to change categories.We'll see. Cause I am still not sure what I call my material.I am also possibly thinking about adding a second guitarist. I have drummers in mind, but everything is a time thing. Shirts, I had to put on hold. That's a lot of money.....Stickers, I been handing them out to all my friends right now as promo stuff. I will be getting more soon as I get some money together. Bills come first.I also see I keep bouncing in this chart as well. All good.


Well, I got a NEWER head unit, and got my other head unit fixed so Happy about that. STICKERS ARE IN !! I am going to get them bigger , but the one's I have right now are 2" x 4". It's my 2nd logo. Same as the original, just a little more EVIL. If you want one, let me know. I'm probably going to sell those for $1.50 each. But, until I get my store going on here, just e-mail me on here and I will work something out. I am going to be looking into getting the shirts done too.(It's a money thing..that's why I have NOT done it yet.) Lot's of other stuff going on as well. Look for more stuff coming soon!!


Well...my head unit died....I been on the hunt for a new one. Come to find out, they don't make that brand anymore. Really? Why would you STOP making CRATE!!! AMPEG had bought them out, seeming it was the same company just about. I like AMPEG too...just there shit is SO EXPENSIVE !!! But, thanx to my online skills, I found a head unit I think I will be remotely happy with.This just puts a minor set back in my stuff. But, hopefully I will be back on track again.


I just ordered a run of stickers, hopefully they will come in soon and I will have them up here for sale. I am also working on a NEW song. Hopefully, I can have that complete soon. I did send a demo of it to someone for a "Test" listen, and the feed back came back as "THEY LOVED IT". But, it was not complete and the sound was LO-FI and arrangement was all off. So, if time allows me,I am hoping to get it done soon. But,also due to other set backs, family emergency had came up so, we shall see how this goes.

Stuff ....1/07/13

I am working on getting some stuff together, shirts and stickers right now. I did order a promo shirt to see how it looks before I continue with that stuff. Money, of course is always an issue, but I am working on stuff slowly. I am within the next month or so will be getting some NEW equipment. I am working on getting COMPRESSION" and better recording gear. I also did obtain a "NEW" guitar, so that's a plus.So, that means new songs will be coming.It's a time thing also it's cause I work....A LOT.