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Full Bio '92-'12 (part 2)

In '99 I was playing with Appollo Records Queeny Blast Pop which featured Leslie Sanders (eventually of Prophets Of Addiction), Steven Soto, and London Legrand (eventually of Brides Of Distruction). A mis-matched but fun US tour opening up for 80s hard rockers Dokken followed. By 2001, i was DJing full-time in L.A. and playing in a revolving door band called Tacky, that had a lot of great players that came through but never got off the ground, and briefly in a band called New Rising Son. Shortly after that band fell apart around 2003, I formed my own band again, but instead of calling it 'Wish', i thought the name 'Molested Hombre' was more memorable. We recorded a great 5 song EP and played the L.A clubs. We also got three songs included in a nationally released street bike DVD entitled 'Road Rage IV'. I also auditioned and started practicing with a band called 'Scared of Girls' during this period for a scripted MTV show that unfortunately got passed on at the last moment. In '07 i started playing with Jetspeed Records artist Andy McCutcheon, which eventually turned into a band called The Reversibles. We played L.A. and got a song called 'The Devil's Favorite Angel' as the main song for a movie called Richard The Third. I also started playing bass in a cool goth-punk band called 'Death Party' at the time. In 2009, i moved to Las Vegas, and joined four 'tribute' bands. The most notable were a Motley Crue tribute called 'Primal Scream', and a bar band called 'The R&R Outlaws' - both of which featured Vince Neil's son on vocals. Primal Scream did a mini-tour through Idaho and Washington state where we played a couple of sold-out shows. I also joined a band called The Kings Of Rock, which featured Riley, the former vocalist of Killing Machine, in what was probably my favorite band to ever play with. I moved back to L.A. in 2011, and focused on DJing and producing electronic music. I got a residency at The Rainbow and Crazy Girls on Sunset and DJed at The Roxy, Greystone manor, and others. I am currently focusing almost entirely on producing electronic music, although i have been working on new Molested Hombre songs.

Bands: The Zeros (drums), Wish (guitar/vocals/drums), The Newlydeads (guitar), Bang Tango (guitar), Eating Crow (guitar), QueenyBlastPop (guitar and bass), Tacky (guitar), New Rising Son (drums), Molested Hombre (guitars/vocals), Scared Of Girls (guitar), The Reversibles (guitar), Death Party (bass), Primal Scream/R&R Junkies ft. Neil Wharton (bass), The Kings Of Rock (guitar).

Full Bio '92-'12 (part 1)

I moved to L.A. in 1992 to attend Musician's Institute in Hollywood. While at a party in Hollywood in '03, I met Restless Records glam-band The Zeros, and couple auditions later, i was their drummer. We played Hollywood, including a few very notable sold-out shows at The Roxy and The Coconut Teaser, then - after taking a break from Musicians Institute - went on four U.S. tours over the the next year or so. We also went on a West Coast tour with Hollywood Records band Swinging Thing (rumored to be our new label-mates). I got endorsements from Aquarian heads, Premier drums, Shure mics, Ufip cymbals, Hotsticks, Converse and others. We were managed by Howie Hubberman, who was also managing the CC Devile band at the time. After two years though, I decided to finish M.I. and also move on and form my own band. In '95 I formed 'Wish', where i switched for the first time from drums to guitar and vocals, and went to a west coast tour the following year. In 1996 i was again in Hollywood where i met Taime Downe, who had just formed The Newlydeads, after his band Faster Pussycat had split. I co-wrote and recorded the guitar for two songs on their Mutiny Records CD entitled 'The Newlydeads' in '97 in a studio we shared with eventual Marilyn Manson bassist Tim Skold (who was in his own band named 'skold' that had a record out). During that time, i was asked to go on tour with former MCA records artists Bang Tango on a US tour, which also included about thirty shows with L.A. Guns and Warrant. I got an endorsement with Dean Markely Strings at this time, and at a show together in Texas, got onstage with L.A. Guns and performed 'Rip & Tear'. This was also the time when i first became interested in DJing and producing - thanks to a roadie we had who told me his day job was DJing around L.A. After the tour, we (BT) performed all over So. Cal and also formed a side project called Eating Crow. We wrote and recorded five songs together, one of which 'So Abused' ended up in the Wes Craven film 'Wishmaster'. Eventually the Eating Crow songs were absorbed (and eventually re-recorded and released on the Cleopatra label) by a now full-time Bang Tango.