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I just wanted to share our new Rankings with our friends, As of Today our music is Ranked number 1 Local, Number 26 Regional and Number 84 Nationally in the USA, Our music has never been Ranked this high on Reverbnation, While I know it can change in a heartbeat I also know that many of you are listening and sharing our music, If not we couldn't be Ranked that high National, Thank each and every one of you all for helping us out, Although we realize that it's not a major Chart it is still getting our music out there, There are millions of Songwriters​ and Artist's on Reverbnation and Thousands upon Thousands of Country Music Songwriters​ and Artists, So thank all y'all for your help, I appreciate it so much

New Songs

I just wanted you all to know that a co-writer and I are finishing 2 new songs, Should be ready soon, I hope you all will enjoy them when we have them finished, I have worked with this Songwriter before in the past and I think we have a good chemistry working together, Can't wait to share them with our friends, Thanks so much and y'all have a great day and thanks for your continued support, Means a ton.


I wanted to invite my friends to check out and join RadioPlay/jango music, personal invitation, http://www.radioairplay.com/invites/332445

Friends/ Check out Matthew Cote/Motivational Speaker

Friends and Family check out Matthew Cote and his Motivational Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m88zypp5_o&feature=share

Reverbnation Page Visits

On 12-16-2015 , We had 95 page visits , next day 80 , next day 70 , see a pattern, So i have to figure out what was going on on the 16TH and try to emulate that to get you guys back to listening to our music, LOSING YOU is the first song youll see or hear, maybe i need to change that up , or add some new music??? No matter thanks for getting our page where it is at, If it wasnt for you all we wouldnt be number 60 on the Country Music USA Charts

Facebook Music Page

For those who dont know here is our Facebook Music Page, Please check it out, https://www.facebook.com/jamierichrdson/

Facebook Music Page

If you havent checked out our facebook music page, heres the link, https://www.facebook.com/jamierichrdson

Song The Letter Goodbye

Click for a free download of "The letter Goodbye wriiten by Carrie Heskins ,Jamie Richard...": http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/251929904 14Unlike · · Share See Results 10,968 people saw this post weve had over 10,000 people who have at least seen the song The Letter Goodbye,


We are asking for your vote for 1 of 3 of our songs , The letter Goodbye by Carrie Haskins , Nights Like these by Jeff Cox or The Shape Im IN by Jamie Richardson Jr, go to Clays Country Radio and find the charts icon and find all song submissions and vote for 1 of our 3 songs, you can vote once a day from the same ip address, thanks so much if you need me to help you just ask, thanks link , http://clayscountry.com/2014awards.php , https://www.facebook.com/claysradio

Aleta Tedeschi Stevenson
Aleta Tedeschi Stevenson  (about 4 years ago)

Hi Jamie, tuff choice, I will choose "Nights Like These".. Good Luck, Aleta